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Title: Chibichic's Osaka [ Anime/Manga :: Azumanga Daioh ] By: chibichic
Uploaded On: Sep 16 0:10:16 2006
Charcters: Osaka
Description: I made this after seeing Americain Mcgee's Alice. It made me think of the time Osaka and the knife so I just drew this up. Please review!
Image Properties: 910x1012 428.48 kb
Title: The Incredible Chiyo-Chan [ Anime/Manga :: Azumanga Daioh ] By: CrossoverManiac
Uploaded On: Aug 17 23:53:49 2005
Description: Yeah, it looks terrible, but I couldn't resist ;-) Oh, and don't make Chiyo-chan angry, you wouldn't like Chiyo-chan when she's angry.
Image Properties: 920x1188 97.73 kb