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Title: Dark valkyrie [ Mythological :: Knight/Warrior/Fighter ] By: tavis harts
Uploaded On: Jan 31 14:13:25 2010
Description: This one took me forever to finish for some strange reason. It was a different way of coloring. I actually decided to have a mist effect so on top of usual shading areas farther in the back would fade into the mist. Overall I like how she turned out. The t read more
Image Properties: 468x640 67 kb
Title: Headdress [ Mythological :: Knight/Warrior/Fighter ] By: playing with demons
Uploaded On: Jul 24 14:43:02 2006
Description: I wanted to eliminate a much colour by using the shades of gray. It was difficult because I love vibrant colours so much!!
Image Properties: 750x372 201.76 kb
Title: Blue Dagger [ Mythological :: Knight/Warrior/Fighter ] By: playing with demons
Uploaded On: Jul 24 14:39:09 2006
Description: Quick sketch of a charmed dagger.
Image Properties: 430x700 131.86 kb
Title: Blade and Skulls [ Mythological :: Knight/Warrior/Fighter ] By: playing with demons
Uploaded On: Jul 24 14:25:41 2006
Description: I wanted to mix the images of the dead and the dealer of their death (the sword) together to create a dramatic feel.
Image Properties: 597x548 77.42 kb
Title: Samurai Fire Moon [ Mythological :: Knight/Warrior/Fighter ] By: gumi-sama
Uploaded On: Jul 26 11:39:53 2004
Description: He's back again! ^^
Image Properties: 900x1171 173.07 kb
Title: Eckart [ Mythological :: Knight/Warrior/Fighter ] By: MacElbereth
Uploaded On: Dec 5 10:33:24 2003
Description: Second attempt at Prince Ethelred... particularly fond of the shading in his hair and eyes. ^_^
Image Properties: 500x467 70.94 kb
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Title: Sir Mordred [ Mythological :: Knight/Warrior/Fighter ] By: Nepenthe
Uploaded On: Oct 19 13:31:10 2002
Description: Just finished a section on Arthurian ledgend in English ;0) Probably not the best thing i've ever drawn, but all my art sort of inherantly sucks anyway...so if anyone has any constructive criticism, it's totally welcome.
Image Properties: 471x550 54.73 kb
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Title: Amazon [ Mythological :: Knight/Warrior/Fighter ] By: Merriya
Uploaded On: Sep 18 20:24:35 2002
Description: An amazon warrior!(duh)love the drawing...hate the coloring...done in pencils and gouache!
her fashion sense seems to be a little modern(pants)not very creative at clothes ,i am.
Image Properties: 210x363 21.71 kb
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