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Title: Tyrona [ Mythological :: Angels ] By: Sefarina Malaika
Uploaded On: Dec 3 6:38:56 2004
Description: One of my Online characters that I created a few years ago
Image Properties: 447x611 64.8 kb
Title: Alas, poor unicorn [ Mythological :: Unicorn/Pegasus ] By: MacElbereth
Uploaded On: Nov 30 23:25:52 2004
Charcters: Unipeg
Description: For my Children's Lit final project, the dead unicorn scene in the Philosopher's stone. Done in a woodcut style. The border, upon detailed inspection, harbors the arboreal feel of the image with its floral and bestial motif. ^_~
Image Properties: 300x382 55.64 kb
Title: Elf Kaoru [ Mythological :: Elf/Elves ] By: Love101
Uploaded On: Nov 29 16:38:58 2004
Description: his name is kaoru, and i spent at least two days on him. i'm not artist, but he's my creation...don't you just love him? done with #2 mechanical pencil, and #2 wooden pencil. on his cheek it says 'friend'. his eye make-up is how kyo from dir en grey has hi read more
Image Properties: 441x748 178.86 kb
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Title: Rakralen [ Mythological :: Beast/Beasts ] By: kinaihirihiwatari
Uploaded On: Nov 28 16:42:19 2004
Description: Rakralen are creatures created by me, from the planet Draka. (also created by me) Rakralen are fierce and merciless, with a liking for blood and gore.
Image Properties: 503x615 70.53 kb
Title: Beautiful Angel [ Mythological :: Angels ] By: SillyNiecy
Uploaded On: Nov 24 17:03:25 2004
Description: This is Kohaku from the Manga Wish, but the Wish in the manga section isn't the correct Wish (I believe). I wanted to put the image somewhere where more people would be able to see it and all that. I love this picture, it is one of my best (that's not sayi read more
Image Properties: 388x512 36.53 kb
Title: Black Dragon with Rose [ Mythological :: Dragon/Dragons ] By: tbiris
Uploaded On: Nov 23 16:45:31 2004
Charcters: Original Dragon
Description: This is the necklace from Replaying History in More than One Way ch.19, non-coloured version, the coloured version is on deviantart under the same penname
Image Properties: 1074x771 258.16 kb
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Title: Jugin Chinoame [ Mythological :: Unicorn/Pegasus ] By: Wild Wind
Uploaded On: Nov 22 7:04:19 2004
Charcters: Unipeg
Description: This is under unipeg but... oh well. This is the main character's demon side from my soon to be book. She's..well... if you couldn't already guess from the horn and the tail, a Unicorn. xD
Image Properties: 300x400 157.79 kb
Title: 3wings [ Mythological :: Angels ] By: -ethereal-
Uploaded On: Nov 19 10:05:54 2004
Description: This was scanned(pencil sketch) and coloured on PS5. The wings are blotchy and the colour overlaps, sorry about that, but overall it's ok...I think?
Image Properties: 1028x727 131.59 kb
Title: Fallen Angel [ Mythological :: Angels ] By: sayian_princess
Uploaded On: Nov 14 9:30:56 2004
Description: Little pic i did the other day...
Image Properties: 557x634 44.37 kb
Title: Scottish Wild Cat [ Mythological :: Furries ] By: Hazel-rah
Uploaded On: Nov 13 8:15:13 2004
Description: This is inspired by the Wild Cats I saw at Wild Wood in Kent. I've wanted to do a Scottish Wild Cat furry for ages, and finaly got round to it! He's rather perdy, no? Doesn't look so much like a wild cat, but I haven't drawn any cats for a while, so wacha read more
Image Properties: 300x455 26.51 kb
Title: Very Cute Genet Boy [ Mythological :: Furries ] By: Hazel-rah
Uploaded On: Nov 13 8:10:26 2004
Description: Ok, I was going to do an anthro Stoat, but next to the picture of a stoat that i was gonna use as refrence was a Genet, and it just looked to pretty not to draw. So I did a Genet boy insted^^ Ok, I redrew this three times, casue it kept going wrong. THREE! read more
Image Properties: 300x484 23.55 kb
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Title: Astalder [ Mythological :: Elf/Elves ] By: koga711
Uploaded On: Nov 12 0:21:09 2004
Charcters: Wood Elf/ Elves
Description: This is a pic I'm rather proud of, it's rare that I draw a full body on my characters, even rarer that I actually plan out the design somewhat & get it even remotely close to my original idea. Yes, it's on yellow lined paper....please forgive me, it's read more
Image Properties: 785x766 85.41 kb
Title: Cute little dragon [ Mythological :: Dragon/Dragons ] By: Link Master500
Uploaded On: Nov 8 19:27:42 2004
Charcters: Western Dragons
Description: This was just something I did using a program that I'm still getting used to. Anyways, this is a dragon drinking milk through a straw. I've added words to make it more interesting and cute. Hope you like it.
Image Properties: 400x400 97.69 kb
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Title: Country Cottage fun [ Mythological :: Furries ] By: Hazel-rah
Uploaded On: Nov 7 8:29:37 2004
Charcters: Canine
Description: Drawn/inked at home, coloured at college. Love how this turned out!! My delutional German Shepard (still unnamed) and his boyfriend, Christoph. The crzy German Shepard wanted to take Christoph for a 'romantic' weekend away. Unfortunatly for Christoph, the read more
Image Properties: 300x432 39.8 kb
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Title: Staying After Hours [ Mythological :: Furries ] By: Hazel-rah
Uploaded On: Nov 7 8:27:22 2004
Charcters: Canine
Description: Almost all of this was done at college over the last two days. Drawing and outlining yesterday, colouring all of today!! Really pleased with the result!! The background was drawn from the room I'm in at college (with slight artistic lisence in places!!) Su read more
Image Properties: 300x429 38.34 kb
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