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Title: Trent with his boyfriend [ Mythological :: Furries ] By: Hazel-rah
Uploaded On: Nov 7 8:25:05 2004
Description: Not great proportins of stuff, I'm only really good at colouring. Not quite sure what I was trying to achieve with the fur on Trent's boyfriend, a as of yet unamed arctic fox. Please leave a comment, thanx!
Image Properties: 300x375 20.04 kb
Title: Diese Männer mögen Arbeit [ Mythological :: Furries ] By: Hazel-rah
Uploaded On: Nov 7 8:13:13 2004
Charcters: Canine
Description: Inspired by stuff in my German phrase book. It's supposed to have simple, usuful phrases, but some of them are so odd or funny, that they inspire me to do pics!! I started this at about five in the evening, and did not finish till gone 11pm!! And I didn't read more
Image Properties: 300x431 39.48 kb
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Title: Fun Lovin' Thylacine [ Mythological :: Furries ] By: Hazel-rah
Uploaded On: Nov 7 8:10:20 2004
Description: This guy's so hot, no? Wanted to do another thylacine furry, and kinda just turned out like this^^ Insprired by my crossdressing fox. I like drawing guys in high heels. The leather gloves just add to the hotness... Please leave a comment, thanx!
Image Properties: 300x440 18.61 kb
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Title: Halloween Night [ Mythological :: Furries ] By: Hazel-rah
Uploaded On: Nov 7 8:06:23 2004
Charcters: Canine
Description: A bit late for halloween^^ Yup, its your typical graveyard scene with the well used sitting on a grave pose, but euh. I really like how this turned out! Origianly it didn't have a background, but I added one once i was halfway through the colouring of Onyx read more
Image Properties: 300x428 36.46 kb
Title: Dragon's Wasteland [ Mythological :: Dragon/Dragons ] By: Siren_44
Uploaded On: Oct 21 19:41:58 2004
Charcters: Original Dragon
Description: Out of all my drawings, this is the one I am most proud of. It took me a whole month to draw, but it was SO worth the end result. Unfortunately, part of the picture didn't scan in quite clearly, but I still think it looks great.
Image Properties: 1274x1753 362.87 kb
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Title: Dracillac [ Mythological :: Dragon/Dragons ] By: Shiari
Uploaded On: Oct 18 14:57:36 2004
Description: Inspired by an ocicat (half wildcat) at work.
Image Properties: 1255x967 130.68 kb
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Title: Devil in a Red Dress [ Mythological :: Demons/Gargoyles ] By: LadyLark
Uploaded On: Oct 12 8:37:19 2004
Charcters: Devils
Description: Okay, Fan mentioned that she wanted to see my art. Here it is, my mediocre attempt at drawing. I make no claims to be decent. This was sketched in pencil. Inked with whatever markers I had lying around my home. Touched up in photoshop (flesh tone and eveni read more
Image Properties: 600x687 75.12 kb
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Title: Forever Divided [ Mythological :: Winged Beings ] By: mysticalwings
Uploaded On: Oct 7 15:16:37 2004
Description: i did this pic for the halloween contest. i like creature with wings a lot, just cuz they're so much fun to draw and think about. this is one of my more freakish drawing, and i like that way. it's nice to be weird once in a while. this pic was drawing on s read more
Image Properties: 705x512 42.92 kb
Title: Da witch with green hair [ Mythological :: Witch ] By: blackrose88
Uploaded On: Oct 4 18:34:30 2004
Description: I used photoimpressioN3.0 and well I think this is the best one I posted sofar.Itstill unfinshed I am going to enter this in the halloween contest,0.0 I am afraid, there is soo good artists,that are olderthan me.hEY I just rembered my b-day is oct 12,YAY!
Image Properties: 362x480 33.06 kb
Title: Aureolin Preview [ Mythological :: Dragon/Dragons ] By: Myriadragon
Uploaded On: Sep 25 10:09:24 2004
Charcters: Western Dragons
Description: A preview of a larger picture I hope to post when it's done. Her name is Aureolin, which is a shade of yellow used a lot in watercolors...Thinking of making a dragonrider with matching armor. Pencil scanned into Windows Paint (so high-tech, I know) and col read more
Image Properties: 336x502 23.65 kb
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Title: Nekokia [ Mythological :: Werewolves / Werecreatures ] By: MayonakaKitsuneKoi
Uploaded On: Sep 22 19:45:05 2004
Description: Hey! this is my first ever attempt a drawing with paint and actually getting it right!!!*kisses Step-by-Step Manga* So please be gentle. It took me three bloody, frig'in hours to do this thang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Image Properties: 500x496 86.12 kb
Title: Fishing Eastern [ Mythological :: Dragon/Dragons ] By: Shiari
Uploaded On: Sep 20 23:23:41 2004
Charcters: Oriental Dragon
Description: hope that the image isn't too pixel-y. The original image size was some 400+KB... as a jpeg. o_o
Image Properties: 791x505 65.22 kb
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Title: October [ Mythological :: Faery/Fairy/ Faeries ] By: Emerald Dawn
Uploaded On: Sep 17 6:08:41 2004
Description: I'm doing a faerie calendar, and this is a rough sketch for the October page. I did it in English class--hence why it's not on sketchbook paper. COMMENT!!!!
Image Properties: 446x640 163.92 kb
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Title: Elven Girl [ Mythological :: Elf/Elves ] By: Emerald Dawn
Uploaded On: Sep 13 19:29:23 2004
Description: After three hours of wasting perfectly good paper, this was the only salvageable result. I like comments. Please click the "Add Comment" button. Please? *does doe eyes*
Image Properties: 400x640 55.61 kb
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Title: Allora Icewind [ Mythological :: Elf/Elves ] By: Emerald Dawn
Uploaded On: Sep 13 10:40:42 2004
Charcters: High Elves
Description: A quick sketch of one of my characters from my RPG. Allora Icewind, water mage, princess of the Elven kingdom--although she prefers to avoid public knowledge of that fact whenever she can. The blue runes on her face symbolize her power level. She's the lea read more
Image Properties: 490x640 72.33 kb
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