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Title: Red Dragon [ Mythological :: Dragon/Dragons ] By: Lur
Uploaded On: May 19 8:55:52 2004
Charcters: Western Dragons
Description: Well, just a dragon, duh. After much thinking I decided to do it red, because I´m soooo original... xD
Image Properties: 910x780 198.53 kb
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Title: Litle Uni [ Mythological :: Unicorn/Pegasus ] By: Lur
Uploaded On: May 19 8:53:28 2004
Description: I wasn´t planed to finish this, but I was just too bored ^^; The background took ages compared with the rest of the picture, but it look more or less like I wanted to, so it´s ok. Lots of anatomical problems (that damn neck!), but that´s read more
Image Properties: 1070x770 200.74 kb
Title: Angel with hairband [ Mythological :: Angels ] By: Mew Sabrina
Uploaded On: May 17 11:06:00 2004
Description: Be nice! I have never draw an angel before and personally I think it's bad. But please please be nice...
Image Properties: 755x1256 449.85 kb
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Title: Rainforest Harpy [ Mythological :: Winged Beings ] By: Mitora
Uploaded On: May 12 20:06:24 2004
Description: She is a rainbow hued winged denizen of the world's Rainforests and tropics. She is of the Rainforest harpy clan. She waits for the others to join her in the fun games of flying and diving around in this trpoical paradise.
Image Properties: 385x538 57.41 kb
Title: Repentance [ Mythological :: Angels ] By: Karou
Uploaded On: May 10 8:32:55 2004
Description: Gift pic for a friend. So, just a random, bloody angel.
Image Properties: 674x871 168.27 kb
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Title: Sirona Amethyst [ Mythological :: Goddesses ] By: DivaSiren
Uploaded On: May 4 12:31:51 2004
Description: My personal made up Goddess - she's the guardian of all unicorns and I finally decided on taking the advice of 2 reviewers about the name. This is my first completely done on the computer piece and I really like it ^_^. Made in about 15 hours with PaintSho read more
Image Properties: 800x729 67.22 kb
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Title: Incubus [ Mythological :: Winged Beings ] By: LadyDragon
Uploaded On: Apr 28 15:27:11 2004
Description: Just a simple ink drawing of an incubus. The tail came out sooo horible!
Image Properties: 590x636 100.94 kb
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Title: Golden Dragon [ Mythological :: Dragon/Dragons ] By: dragon_lover
Uploaded On: Apr 26 17:54:46 2004
Charcters: Original Dragon
Description: I had no homework so i decided to draw somthing. It was good so i colored, then i decided to try a brunished efect. I thought it looked very good so i decided to post it here. I hope you like it! Oh, and if you want you can request me to draw you somthing, read more
Image Properties: 320x235 39.65 kb
Title: A Bleeding Wing Demon [ Mythological :: Demons/Gargoyles ] By: Draco MalfoyGirl 16
Uploaded On: Apr 25 23:01:07 2004
Description: This is my 2nd picture and I must say this has to be my best work so far. This took about 1 month and 6 hrs. This Picture is a Wing Demon who was wounded in battle and is bleeding to death.
Image Properties: 335x413 22.14 kb
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Title: Bat Demon with Small Bat [ Mythological :: Demons/Gargoyles ] By: Draco MalfoyGirl 16
Uploaded On: Apr 25 22:30:55 2004
Description: OK this is my first drawing on the computer and it is not one of my best works. I did this one day when i was bord.
Image Properties: 364x306 57.41 kb
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Title: Unicorn [ Mythological :: Unicorn/Pegasus ] By: Witch Child
Uploaded On: Apr 12 22:23:42 2004
Description: I saw this carved into a piece of wood one of my friends have and thought I'd draw it out. I think I could have done a lot better with it but animals aren't my strong point anyway. done in pencil
Image Properties: 1024x1152 154.44 kb
Title: Ainokami [ Mythological :: Greek Mythology ] By: zennou-sakusha
Uploaded On: Apr 10 6:25:16 2004
Description: This is Ainokami, the Cupid character from my fic 'Naughty Godlings and Demonic Pudding'. Not my best work, but I just wanted to show what he looked like.
Image Properties: 1295x1597 178.76 kb
Title: Guardians [ Mythological :: n/a ] By: Coke
Uploaded On: Apr 9 23:30:49 2004
Description: Done with a stipling style, which took a damn long time :)
Image Properties: 700x940 471.35 kb
Title: Catacomb Dragon [ Mythological :: Dragon/Dragons ] By: ZTolerance06
Uploaded On: Apr 7 14:39:37 2004
Charcters: Original Dragon
Description: This is based on a card from Magic...its name is CatacombDragon....I thought it was really cool so I decided to draw it...^_~
Image Properties: 506x521 80.82 kb
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Title: Aengus MacOg [ Mythological :: Druid ] By: Koshkio
Uploaded On: Mar 31 11:08:42 2004
Description: This is my vision of Aengus MacOg, the Irish celtic god of love and music. He's my patron god. ^-^ isn't he a cutie?
Image Properties: 461x615 81.3 kb
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