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Title: Reqtangle [ Mythological :: Furries ] By: ReD_FeNiX
Uploaded On: Mar 23 10:44:46 2004
Description: Just a little something that's been pestering me for a while. Brought up after a conversation about love triangles... somehow. I think it was something to do with love rectangles... and the image of Requiem tangled, came to mind. o_o;; SO here you have a R read more
Image Properties: 402x432 69.03 kb
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Title: xDisintegrate [ Mythological :: Furries ] By: ReD_FeNiX
Uploaded On: Mar 23 10:38:55 2004
Charcters: Canine, Feline, Raccoons
Description: Remind me never to make a new character as soon as I draw a group picture. ¬_¬ That's why Lexx and London aren't there. *flail* These are all of my characters, as a lot of you may know! Except that Lexx and Londs aren't there. *stabs things* I trie read more
Image Properties: 1124x805 346.55 kb
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Title: Wizard at Work [ Mythological :: Wizards ] By: danny_pooh
Uploaded On: Mar 20 6:48:24 2004
Description: I already uploaded this once and it said the image wasn't found so I thought I'd try again
Image Properties: 400x521 173.25 kb
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Title: Fairy [ Mythological :: Faery/Fairy/ Faeries ] By: Meru
Uploaded On: Mar 19 21:26:06 2004
Description: This is original art by me. I drew it as a scribble and then decided to try out CGing :P there are little marks where the paint tool didnt fill ^^;;; but i dont think its all bad for my first shot. Please comment on it^^
Image Properties: 1531x1827 240.41 kb
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Title: off guard [ Mythological :: n/a ] By: priscel
Uploaded On: Mar 11 9:17:19 2004
Image Properties: 582x800 33.86 kb
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Title: Catgirl [ Mythological :: Furries ] By: Kiyone
Uploaded On: Feb 11 22:28:35 2004
Charcters: Feline
Description: This is the first catgirl I've drawn in a very long time... and she took a while to color. Something seems to be missing in the background, but I can't think of what, so here she is! I drew her for the contest going on. Hope you all like it! ^____^
Image Properties: 772x993 184.46 kb
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Title: Mermaid [ Mythological :: Mermaid/Merfolk ] By: Zeli
Uploaded On: Feb 8 16:32:03 2004
Description: Random Mermaid lady. She was gonna be nude but then I relized I was in school and made her clothes really fast.
Image Properties: 330x666 46.68 kb
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Title: Butterfly Fairy Goddess [ Mythological :: Faery/Fairy/ Faeries ] By: huntressfairy
Uploaded On: Feb 3 15:18:09 2004
Description: This is a request that was made of me well ordered of me. I'm a real push over!! Well NEWAYZ this is just a pic of a butterfly fairy...goddess. It's totally made up i don't even know if fairies have goddesses...so correct me if i'm wrong.
Image Properties: 1246x1610 154.08 kb
Title: Grim Reaper [ Mythological :: Demons/Gargoyles ] By: danny_pooh
Uploaded On: Jan 30 16:39:19 2004
Charcters: Devils
Description: I did this in about 4 hourse with a 4B pencil. It lost alot of quality but I still think it turned out pretty good.
Image Properties: 400x516 134.75 kb
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Title: Broken Wing [ Mythological :: Mystical ] By: Fire_Master_Skye
Uploaded On: Jan 8 22:15:34 2004
Charcters: Angel / Angels
Description: I was angsty after some stuff happened, drew this picture then a friend asked me for a good version so ta-da! It's bloody and angsty so yey. I did it with remarkably crappy pencil crayons borrowed when mine went missing and am quite impressed it turned out read more
Image Properties: 500x568 345.55 kb
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Title: being what i am. [ Mythological :: Dragon/Dragons ] By: ramaon
Uploaded On: Jan 5 10:58:16 2004
Charcters: Halfdragon
Description: Hmm lol, this is a char experimentation for my online manga 'NQH' (not quite human..) He's Sethore (Set-or-'hey') Now i wont start to tell you his life so lol... whatever. Lol as you can see he does not have much dragon festures(orange eyes, um--weird--fee read more
Image Properties: 524x800 59.37 kb
Title: Sorrow of the Wild [ Mythological :: Angels ] By: ZTolerance06
Uploaded On: Jan 4 13:48:02 2004
Description: Drawn entirly in pencil, and added effect in paint shop pro. please tell me what you think of it, I need to know how to improve my artwork. thanks ^_~
Image Properties: 350x452 41.33 kb
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Title: Surrender [ Mythological :: Elf/Elves ] By: DivaSiren
Uploaded On: Dec 27 18:49:42 2003
Charcters: Half Elf
Description: Another crack at doing something realistic and I'm rather happy with how it turned out ^_^ Sorry the scan is so bad but it's a rather small drawing. medium:pencil C&C welcome
Image Properties: 352x544 29.57 kb
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Title: Damaged Roses [ Mythological :: Furries ] By: ReD_FeNiX
Uploaded On: Dec 17 4:26:22 2003
Description: I can make backgrounds too! ¬_¬ Yeah. My girlfriend's character, Henjin [Jin for short] on the left, and my Kujuu on the right. I made Jin's colors too dark, because I don't have the right colored marker. ; ; Ohwell. This is just how I've wanted Ku read more
Image Properties: 755x563 123.89 kb
Title: Winter Faery [ Mythological :: Faery/Fairy/ Faeries ] By: Kiyone
Uploaded On: Dec 11 14:18:13 2003
Description: Ok, so I finally finished coloring this. It took about 6 1/2 hrs. I'm pretty well pleased with this, even though the background is pretty simple. I'll be doing a series of Season faeries, and began drawing Spring last nite. I hope you like her. Comments ar read more
Image Properties: 730x945 158.14 kb
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