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Title: Wyvern Dragon Tattoo [ Mythological :: Dragon/Dragons ] By: Crimson Blood Fangs
Uploaded On: Jul 24 16:42:25 2007
Charcters: Wyvern
Description: Eh, just a Wyvern Dragon Tattoo I made not too long ago. Sketched with Mechanical Pencil and Inked with a specific type of artist permanent marker pen.
Image Properties: 1399x1818 264.29 kb
Title: Fawn [ Mythological :: Satyr ] By: Yavie Feels Pretty
Uploaded On: Jul 22 14:47:44 2007
Description: I couldn't find a category under "fawn", so I decided to put it here. Close enough, I should think. >.>
Image Properties: 590x738 101.06 kb
Title: Cherub [ Mythological :: Angels ] By: Mickey-the-Mouse
Uploaded On: Jul 14 16:38:09 2007
Description: This is about three years old and done with ink using the stippling method. I tell you the wings took me hours!
Image Properties: 500x544 103.36 kb
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Title: Cerberus [ Mythological :: Beast/Beasts ] By: Mickey-the-Mouse
Uploaded On: Jul 14 16:00:20 2007
Description: Cartoonish, inked Cerberus. This is really old, but I think it's still pretty cute. Who knows, maybe I'll color it one day.
Image Properties: 683x726 54.72 kb
Title: The Return [ Mythological :: Mermaid/Merfolk ] By: Goddess of Ice
Uploaded On: Jul 1 10:22:28 2007
Charcters: Serita
Description: I did this last year, it took a collective 900 hours to do on a wooden chair in acrylic paint. It is a reproduction of Jonathen Earl Bowser's The Return that I did for my art class. This is the seat of the chair featuring a winged mermaid that holds the li read more
Image Properties: 600x537 42.44 kb
Title: Demon City [ Mythological :: Other ] By: NoOneCanHearMe
Uploaded On: Jun 10 20:33:20 2007
Description: This is a drawing I did for my boyfriend *make that back stabbing cheating EX B/F*. I redrew it from a pic he gave me. It belongs to a famous artist that he was doing research on, but I can't remember the name, sorry, but I'll say that I only redrew it fro read more
Image Properties: 579x800 77.71 kb
Title: lorali the fae [ Mythological :: Faery/Fairy/ Faeries ] By: catgurrl
Uploaded On: Jun 4 11:47:04 2007
Image Properties: 550x738 97.19 kb
Title: reading the tarot [ Mythological :: Faery/Fairy/ Faeries ] By: catgurrl
Uploaded On: Jun 4 11:46:01 2007
Description: lorali, my goddess form
Image Properties: 468x616 82.4 kb
Title: foxy sara [ Mythological :: Mystical ] By: t recorder
Uploaded On: Apr 24 15:55:47 2007
Charcters: Demon/Demons
Description: hi image above is the foxy person i created so yeah, i created it on line so yeah i might had more. read my storys i am thinking about making a fanfic to go with this but i need some ideas reviw mw and give some segestions i will mention you in it you can read more
Image Properties: 150x290 51 kb
Title: Lelena - Pretty in Pink [ Mythological :: Elf/Elves ] By: Naitachal666
Uploaded On: Apr 10 20:33:02 2007
Charcters: Wood Elf/ Elves
Description: This is a character I created to show a friend of mine an example of the facial structure and proportion of the face of a female elf.
Image Properties: 817x1207 293.14 kb
Title: aungel [ Mythological :: Angels ] By: kage-kun
Uploaded On: Mar 26 9:34:12 2007
Description: A female-looking Cherub, just a quick sketch to prove I'm still alive despite life being hectic. Real cherubs aren't cutesy naked winged babies, they're fierce guardians and protectors of the faith, amongst other things.
Image Properties: 450x510 51.1 kb
Title: Ketchup on some Fries [ Mythological :: Dragon/Dragons ] By: OokamiDraconius
Uploaded On: Mar 23 6:32:30 2007
Charcters: Original Dragon
Description: No, not really. I colored him though :3 *gasp* done in 2D class! 8|
Image Properties: 624x593 334.02 kb
Title: Ostara, Goddess of Spring [ Mythological :: Goddesses ] By: Cliodhna Glen
Uploaded On: Mar 20 12:45:17 2007
Description: Happy Ostara, everyone! I've been working on this picture specifically for Ostara, so I'm glad I was able to finish it today. :) This is one of a series of celebrity-inspired pieces I have in the works. I found a beautiful photo of Keira Knightly that made read more
Image Properties: 759x600 236.26 kb
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Title: Dragon Wings [ Mythological :: Dragon/Dragons ] By: dragonlver987
Uploaded On: Feb 13 17:40:28 2007
Charcters: Original Dragon
Description: Well This my dragon... I love him XD... Hes Beautimus..x] His name is Fafnir (for my Desi-chan)
Image Properties: 2202x1137 300.76 kb
Title: The Snow [ Mythological :: Kitsune ] By: Cassial_Darkfox
Uploaded On: Nov 30 17:34:41 2006
Description: A kitsune walking through the snow as gass spings up from where he steps. Done in acrylic took 2 days. View larger, View and Review!!
Image Properties: 776x481 124.55 kb
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