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Title: Gouache Bulldog [ Miscellaneous :: Animal(s) ] By: joyfulmusic
Uploaded On: Apr 17 22:08:26 2006
Charcters: Dog
Description: A bulldog painted for my art class. It's done with gouache paints which are a lot like watercolors.
Image Properties: 720x546 41.73 kb
Title: Ray [ Miscellaneous :: Animal(s) ] By: joyfulmusic
Uploaded On: Apr 17 22:03:17 2006
Charcters: Birds
Description: A bird that we kept until it could fly again. Painted using Acrylics.
Image Properties: 504x408 26.8 kb
Title: Baby Boy [ Miscellaneous :: Animal(s) ] By: joyfulmusic
Uploaded On: Apr 17 21:55:58 2006
Charcters: Dog
Description: This is a painting of my dog, a blue Chihuahua. His full name is Baby Boy but goes by B.B. for short. I'd never used gouache paints before the day I painted this. For class we had to paint the dog in a photo the teacher had sent us. Well after working on t read more
Image Properties: 720x509 36.24 kb
Title: Strange Stripes [ Miscellaneous :: Animal(s) ] By: joyfulmusic
Uploaded On: Apr 17 21:53:44 2006
Charcters: Horses
Description: Zander lives in a world that seemed to have been turned upside down. Everything blurs together as colors clash with black and white. What should be isn't and even he finds himself changed by these strange circumstances.
Image Properties: 576x490 42.38 kb
Title: Arabian Stallion [ Miscellaneous :: Animal(s) ] By: rollaroach
Uploaded On: Apr 10 9:47:59 2006
Charcters: Horses
Description: Anime is not the only thing I can draw. In fact, I just recently learned how to draw anime. The very first thing I ever learned to draw was horses. I drew only horses for 8 years before I expanded my horizons. But, they will always be my favorite thing to read more
Image Properties: 480x660 39.96 kb
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Title: A Friend's Kiss [ Miscellaneous :: Animal(s) ] By: Spirit-Wolf25
Uploaded On: Mar 30 19:20:37 2006
Charcters: Wolves
Description: I drew this around 1:00 this morning...it's a pic of my and my bud in our wolf forms. I'm the silver/blue on white wolf, and he's the steel-colored one. Meh...I suck at backgrounds, so excuse the lack there-of. Enjoy the pic!
Image Properties: 1250x728 215.16 kb
Title: nice kitty [ Miscellaneous :: Animal(s) ] By: light of the shadows
Uploaded On: Mar 12 3:56:34 2006
Charcters: Lions
Description: i just love cats, espetialy lions. what do you think?
Image Properties: 644x1019 42.21 kb
Title: Cameleon [ Miscellaneous :: Animal(s) ] By: Lorella
Uploaded On: Feb 13 16:23:19 2006
Charcters: 0
Image Properties: 700x354 98.89 kb
Title: Two Tigers [ Miscellaneous :: Animal(s) ] By: bermudamoon
Uploaded On: Nov 14 15:55:47 2005
Charcters: Tigers
Description: I think I did a good job on this one. I like the expresions ^_^
Image Properties: 640x426 158.63 kb
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Title: Mr. Snuggles [ Miscellaneous :: Animal(s) ] By: Fallen_Dark_Angel
Uploaded On: Nov 12 9:08:42 2005
Charcters: Cat
Description: Meh kitteh-cat that I drew just a little while ago. ^^ His name is Mr. Snuggles.
Image Properties: 224x261 9.44 kb
Title: Jaguar (Finished) [ Miscellaneous :: Animal(s) ] By: Saffron Cyanide
Uploaded On: Nov 2 13:27:42 2005
Charcters: Cat
Description: This is the finished picture of my half-done jaguar, in case you can't tell. Oo;
Image Properties: 342x314 164.6 kb
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Title: Come Home Soon [ Miscellaneous :: Animal(s) ] By: NightBlackWolf
Uploaded On: Oct 22 8:23:11 2005
Charcters: Wolves
Description: For those at war, including my cousin, we'll all be awaiting your safe arrival home.
Image Properties: 1275x1650 173.41 kb
Title: Midnight Run [ Miscellaneous :: Animal(s) ] By: Streetcorner Symphony
Uploaded On: Sep 26 11:29:40 2005
Charcters: Horses
Description: A drawing of my thoroughbred mare, Skye, that I've tinkered with on my laptop to create a seemingly fantasy setting. Original drawing done in #2 pencil, edited with Paint Shop Pro Studio.
Image Properties: 1501x1189 281.25 kb
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Title: Liberty Bell [ Miscellaneous :: Animal(s) ] By: inuluvsu
Uploaded On: Sep 1 16:08:17 2005
Charcters: Horses
Description: This is a picture done on paint of my favorite pony at a barn I ride at. Her name is Liberty Bell but everyone calls her Libby. She is a 30 year old pony who think she's a foal. She is speedy and can sometimes be a pain. But she is so so sweet.
Image Properties: 116x132 4.27 kb
Title: Mustang Portrait [ Miscellaneous :: Animal(s) ] By: Streetcorner Symphony
Uploaded On: Aug 15 16:33:03 2005
Charcters: Horses
Description: A concept idea for my high schools mascot, the mustang. Originally it was going to be painted on the wall of my Algebra II teacher's room. Media: mechanical pencil.
Image Properties: 911x820 202.55 kb
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