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Title: Joyces [ Miscellaneous :: Animal(s) ] By: Amy_Omi_Yugi
Uploaded On: Aug 8 7:56:00 2005
Charcters: 0
Description: I just happens to be drawing and my dog walk pass by...
Image Properties: 1368x2006 319.51 kb
Title: Calypso [ Miscellaneous :: Animal(s) ] By: Cherrybabe
Uploaded On: Jun 22 18:53:06 2005
Charcters: Horses
Description: This is my fantasy horse Calypso. It started off as another random horse sketch that I tend to do but somehow the fire theme got added (I just love drawing flames!) and it turned into this. Done in pencil, if you can't tell, and took about 2 hours.
Image Properties: 562x747 82.96 kb
Title: Black Pride 2 [ Miscellaneous :: Animal(s) ] By: Jaded_Eyes
Uploaded On: May 26 18:53:37 2005
Description: A random pic for an RPG. Please don't steal. Thanks. Jaded
Image Properties: 333x500 349.3 kb
Title: Drowning [ Miscellaneous :: Animal(s) ] By: Ookami Mononoke
Uploaded On: May 22 18:55:25 2005
Description: Again, not really a fanart, but I still like it. Wolfie wolfie wolfie wolfie....
Image Properties: 325x400 65.91 kb
Title: Predator [ Miscellaneous :: Animal(s) ] By: Ookami Mononoke
Uploaded On: May 22 18:53:03 2005
Description: Not actually a fanart, but I'm putting it here anyway. *sticks out tongue* I really like how it turned out, though.
Image Properties: 420x300 106.45 kb
Title: Nekochi [ Miscellaneous :: Animal(s) ] By: Emona DragonDancer
Uploaded On: May 10 0:46:52 2005
Description: My char, Nekochi (or Neko Chione). I'm too lazy to type up her bio, so check out my DA account (Emona-DragonDancer.deviantart.com) for details about her...x_x 1:48 AM, leave me alone if I'm lazy...
Image Properties: 750x622 132.15 kb
Title: Protector of me [ Miscellaneous :: Animal(s) ] By: inuluvsu
Uploaded On: Apr 6 12:35:10 2005
Charcters: Horses
Description: another dream to own this horse breed arabian. He was supossed to be black but I suck at coloring. Please tell me what you think.
Image Properties: 2169x1700 189.44 kb
Title: Hunting Grounds [ Miscellaneous :: Animal(s) ] By: Gul Kahn
Uploaded On: Mar 26 16:04:21 2005
Charcters: Wolves
Description: I just finished this at 7:00 Pm and on 3/25/05 omg it took a while, but it turned out great! please review and tell me what you think.
Image Properties: 540x720 67.46 kb
Title: Mindy [ Miscellaneous :: Animal(s) ] By: Gul Kahn
Uploaded On: Mar 20 9:12:59 2005
Description: Mindy was done recently after Lea, she is in the same pose as Lea I know that, I got a bit brain dead trying to think of a pose to put her in so I decided to do the same pose as Lea.
Image Properties: 493x810 50.81 kb
Title: Lea [ Miscellaneous :: Animal(s) ] By: Gul Kahn
Uploaded On: Mar 20 9:10:12 2005
Charcters: Rabbits
Description: This is Lea, I thought it would be neat to have her a little bit towards a human but in her own ways, she was me first animal/human creature.
Image Properties: 631x697 38.01 kb
Title: Drake and Veronica [ Miscellaneous :: Animal(s) ] By: Gul Kahn
Uploaded On: Mar 19 17:47:23 2005
Description: Drake managed to find himself a mate but Veronica seems a bit not interested, maybe Drake can make her interested into his squirrelyness! ^.^
Image Properties: 348x645 17.49 kb
Title: Drake [ Miscellaneous :: Animal(s) ] By: Gul Kahn
Uploaded On: Mar 19 15:52:47 2005
Description: This is like an evil squirrel thing type animal.
Image Properties: 284x717 21.47 kb
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Title: Hitomi [ Miscellaneous :: Animal(s) ] By: sesshomarus_demoness
Uploaded On: Feb 19 19:05:34 2005
Charcters: Apes
Description: ok this is Hitomi. Hitomi is is my fanfic. She is Kagome's version of kilala to put it simple. Hope you like. Please review
Image Properties: 744x936 67 kb
Title: Demon Squerill [ Miscellaneous :: Animal(s) ] By: HououKageMusha
Uploaded On: Feb 3 19:45:42 2005
Charcters: Squirrel
Description: This is my picture of a squirrel...
Image Properties: 564x683 58.84 kb
Title: Red Wolf [ Miscellaneous :: Animal(s) ] By: japan_luver
Uploaded On: Jan 22 11:34:04 2005
Charcters: Wolves
Description: This is my red wolf pic I thought it was kinda good for my first try :)
Image Properties: 600x848 175.93 kb
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