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GW cosplaying as FY
Dimensions: 856x688 pixels, 157 Kb
GW cosplaying as FY by darkmus
Artwork uploaded on Nov 21 19:47:07 PST 2002, since then it was viewed 1746 times and reviewed 3 times.
Artist's Commentary
This was drawn for the (heerosferret.com)'s chibi contest!!! ^____^
WOW~! And look! It's CG-ed! Sort of... since all I have is some photoshop wannabe-- ArcSoft PhotoStudio.... ^___^
I made it on the PhotoStudio and Paint. Yes paint. Apparently, PhotoStudio can't draw straight lines... o__O```
Waiii~~~ I love how Duo's hair looks!
And Heero is so cute as Tamahome... ^___^
Interperate however you want.... (I see Duo as Miaka... ^_________^```)

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