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In Chains
Dimensions: 900x713 pixels, 40 Kb

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In Chains by Alesyira
Artwork uploaded on Feb 28 23:06:18 PST 2004, since then it was viewed 42679 times and reviewed 30 times.
Artist's Commentary
Not going to mark this as 'adult' since no adult-ish details are shown. Inspired by Ookami's oneshot 'Unexpected Opportunities' - but Inuyasha should be shackled if it were true to the story.... Pencil version took about two days, the Photoshop coloring took close to two weeks. Everything, including the background, was done by hand (with a few nifty digital brushes and a whole lot of damned patience) You can see the pencil version on my DeviantArt account (username Alesyira) if you're interested. :)

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