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Ahahahaha!!!!! by frozen_in_shadow
Artwork uploaded on Sep 11 19:55:10 PDT 2004, since then it was viewed 1283 times.
Artist's Commentary
Heh. Momiji is laughing at Kyo. hahaha. Poor kyo. He fell into a water fountain. hahaha. I'm so mean to kyo. haha. oh well. And then there is tohru, freakin out. and then momiji is just laughing at it all. oh well. I did this picture a couple of weekends ago. I was at the lake of the ozarks with my aunt and cousin and so i got bored and drew that. Heh, it poped into my head. I was reading my fruist basket manga and then it poped into my head. hahaha. I still laugh at it. like now. *looks at pic* haha. okay, well, I hope you like my pic! ^^

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