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Team 7 Goes Rock
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Team 7 Goes Rock by Kiraya
Artwork uploaded on Apr 29 14:47:47 PDT 2005, since then it was viewed 1977 times.
Artist's Commentary
From left to right, the ethnic-flavoured progressive rock band Shinryuu (don't ask where the name came from) is: Sasuke Uchiha, drummer/backing vocals. I wanted to draw goth!Sasuke, and so here he is (please excuse the finger). The scan makes it difficult to see, but that is Orochimaru's curse seal on his necklace (because it looks cool); yes, those are ANBU tattoos and gloves/gauntlets/arm covers he has (because the ANBU are sexy and it's all too fun to imagine Sasuke as one of 'em). Naruto Uzumaki, lead vocals/guitar. Poor Sasuke looked lonely all by himself, so I felt obligated to include his boyfriend. Naruto basically turned out a failed attempt at punk, the kind who wear tight jeans made for girls (somebody told me that was emo, but what the hell do I know about popular American culture?). I was going to have him stick out his tongue so the piercing was visible, but he looked like a dog no matter how I drew it, so... Sakura Haruno, bass/backing vocals. Even though Sakura was an afterthought, a space-filler more than anything else, I'm very happy with her. I've never drawn a woman so well (I usually completely murder the boobs). She was even more fun than Sasuke, from the short hair to her outfit (incidentally, the kanji on it reads "shinobi") and everything in between. I've been considering (not too seriously, because I'm pretty damn lazy and there wouldn't be anything resembling a plot) writing an AU fic for this, with other Konoha shinobi inserted into fun careers, too: Ino as, say, an actress, Shikamaru as a professional go/shougi/chess player, Lee as a boxer or some other sort of pro fighter...