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Cats and Dogs -- Kyou vs. Inuyasha
Dimensions: 1220x873 pixels, 104 Kb
Cats and Dogs -- Kyou vs. Inuyasha by MapleRose
Artwork uploaded on Jun 5 19:10:49 PDT 2005, since then it was viewed 3205 times and reviewed 4 times.
Artist's Commentary
Inuyasha/Furuba crossover. coloured in MS Paint. what if Inuyasha met Kyou Sohma? I find it ironic that even though one's a dog and the other's a cat, their personalities are SO much alike. I put the girls in there to get their reactions. Kagome: another Inuyasha... Tohru: *afraid they'll hurt each other* K-Kyou-kun! Whee, anger marks, and Kyou's kitty ears!

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