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Shippo and the Magic Wand
Dimensions: 700x579 pixels, 23 Kb

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Shippo and the Magic Wand by Alesyira
Category: Anime/Manga :: InuYasha :: Shippo
Artwork uploaded on Sep 1 13:27:50 PDT 2005, since then it was viewed 5210 times and reviewed 6 times.
Artist's Commentary
Pencil sketch colored with photoshop. Don't laugh, I'm lazy and was feeling silly. I had to have some kind of image to go along with the fic, what else can I say? If I get un-lazy in the future, I'll put more effort into this. :P Let's see... in each corner there is a small image that represents each of Shippo's moments while he has the wand in his possession. Drew this last week while my girls and I were at the pool. :)

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