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YYH Gang
Dimensions: 671x1083 pixels, 98 Kb
YYH Gang by rabidfang08
Artwork uploaded on Apr 9 16:32:41 PDT 2006, since then it was viewed 1036 times and reviewed 4 times.
Artist's Commentary
Pencil drawing of the YuYu Hakusho guys... reference was a random pic I found. I know I sorta screwed up Kurama's eyes, I can never draw his eyes right for some reason... The reason it's gray in the background is because I drew it pretty light and I had to scan it darker than it really was for it to show up very well, so it turned out kinda funky... oh well... And before you even say anything about Kuwabara's face, I don't think I messed it up that bad, he just really is that ugly. People always tell me I messed it up but I swear it looks exactly like the reference... Meh. Kuwabara is still cool though. Please comment! ^^

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