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Furuba Christmas
Dimensions: 1050x749 pixels, 152 Kb
Furuba Christmas by rabidfang08
Artwork uploaded on Dec 19 20:48:11 PST 2006, since then it was viewed 1878 times and reviewed 1 times.
Artist's Commentary
I made this to put on some Christmas cards... it took forever! But I like it. ^^ Poor Kyonkichi is angry because Yun-chan's gift to Tohru is bigger than his XD Ayame slapped Ritsu on the back while he was touching an ornament, so it fell and broke... I supposed he's going to go on a rampage now... I wonder how Aya would handle that? XD And about Haru, who's over there staring blankly at Kisa and Hiro's book and drooling on himself... he's supposed to be holding Kagura's ladder. Little slacker. And Akito isn't there because... umm... ok the real reason is because I forgot to put him in, even though he's my favorite character, but let's just say that he's over in another room being the Grinch as usual ^^

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