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Fuzzy Sunsets
Dimensions: 2110x1516 pixels, 457 Kb
Fuzzy Sunsets by Steel Blue
Artwork uploaded on Oct 1 15:59:37 PDT 2011, since then it was viewed 398 times.
Artist's Commentary
This artwork is a sunset with dandelions in a sea of grass. On the top corner, if your wondering, are the branches of a tree and faintly you can see white spots on the top of the image (where it's deep blue) in which represents stars. I painted this on Adobe Photoshop while messing with it and getting the hang of it. It's one of my most favorites!!! At the bottom right corner is my signature (KK) and the date (7-5-11) just so you know.And I'm sorry if it looks a bit pixel but I took a picture of it because it the origional size was too big to submit!! So anyways what do you think?

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