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Kagome and Akio
Dimensions: 240x320 pixels, 16 Kb
Kagome and Akio by Steel Blue
Artwork uploaded on Oct 1 16:35:26 PDT 2011, since then it was viewed 484 times.
Artist's Commentary
This picture is of our charming, lovable Kagome and her and Inu's pup (child) named Akio! Akio is a boy. This is a part of a fanfic. story I'm writing as of right now. I'm on book 2 but I have another two more to go so i won't post them until a few years. Sorry if that brings you down but I promise that I will post them some day!This was hand drawn and colored. And I know that most fans out there (girls mostly) wanted Inu to have a daughter (from hearing all the rumors and websites) so I apologize if you're kinda dissappointed that it's not a girl. But in the future I'm planning to draw Inu and his daughter and maybe Kagome with it. I don't know. Maybe ya'll could help me out. ;)

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