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Beneath the Moonlight
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Beneath the Moonlight by Katherine-Torrence
Artwork uploaded on Jan 28 23:33:57 PST 2013, since then it was viewed 893 times.
Artist's Commentary
I absolutely love how this turned out! OMG A BACKGROUND!! I know I'm starting to put more backgrounds in to my art and that to me is becoming a good thing! Any way, this is Sesshoumaru and Aiyuki and this will become a scene eventually in Snowfall.... just got to get back to writing it again. XD Here is a little excerpt for you guys. ~~~~ Sesshoumaru gripped a hold of Aiyuki's arm tightly, his claws gently biting in to her flesh. His eyes stared in to hers as she stopped and turned towards him. He hadn't wanted her to leave, no, he wanted her at his side always and yet he was still angry for what happened in their past. His lips parted to speak but his words were silenced as her thumb gently pressed his lips while her fingers brushed his cheek. "Sesshoumaru.... I can't stay. I have to go and finish what I've started." Her eyes held sadness as if she could read everything he had wanted to say in his glance alone. The full moon peaking from out of the dark clouds that covered the sky. She moved her hand away slowly and gave him a soft smile. "Naraku will kill you." "No, and nor will I kill him. That is not my destiny. That is yours and Inuyasha's." She looked to his chest. "I will not let him take my life Sesshoumaru.... that... is your destiny as well." She leaned in and kissed his lips softly before she pulled away. In mere seconds she was gone from his sight, her words repeating in his mind. ~~~~~ There ya go! :D Sesshoumaru (c) VIZ Media, Rumiko Takahashi Aiyuki (c) Katherine-Torrence

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