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Vegeta and Radditz
Dimensions: 740x1024 pixels, 155 Kb
Vegeta and Radditz by manawolf
Artwork uploaded on Jan 11 3:13:20 PST 2003, since then it was viewed 3099 times and reviewed 8 times.
Artist's Commentary
Not directly in reference to, but inspired by, a bit in an (adult yaoi) RPG. I like bein' Radditz. He totally worships Vegeta... which is precisely what I would do if I were him.
Whip me, beat me, carve the crest of Vejitasei into my bloodied flesh, I still serve you with the whole of my being, my lord... ::cough:: Whups, slipped into Radditz-mode there a second...
Anyway, he's ridiculously happy to recieve any gesture of affection from the Ouji-turned-King, so he's just in 7th Heaven right now. =^_^=

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