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[T] by: blackangel_life
Non Anime: CSI - Series Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Romance | Type: One Shot
Latest Revision: September 13, 2009 07:51 PDT | Chapters: 1 | Words: 1.7K | Visits: 643
Summary: Hodges thinks back over what happened when Greg offered to cook for him.
Spoilers from Who Shot Sherlock onwards.

[T] by: featherfoot07
: CSI - Series Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Mystery | Type: Self Insertion
Latest Revision: July 01, 2008 18:00 PDT | Chapters: 1 | Words: 20.4K | Visits: 821
Summary: this is the first part of three of the first book. all three parts are the same story, but each focuse specifically on one part of the story. this is a murder mystery. constructive critisim highly recomended.

Gil Grissom's Kidnapping
[T] by: Kikyohater220
: CSI - Series Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Angst | Type: Other
Latest Revision: June 26, 2008 19:37 PDT | Chapters: 5 | Words: 23.8K | Visits: 3.1K
Summary: The title speaks for its self. Grissom gets a note warning him about the danger of going to his car. FF Grissom is kidnapped and it's all up to a 14 year old missing girl and his team to save him. Will Grissom die a horrid death or will he live?
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Twin Trouble
[T] by: CandiedDeath
: CSI - Series Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Romance / Drama | Type: Other
Latest Revision: March 27, 2008 19:58 PDT | Chapters: 5 | Words: 4.8K | Visits: 2.3K
Summary: What happens when Ryan's twin sister shows up at his door? What happens if his co-worker happens to fall in love with her? (Rating subject to change)

EricXOC RyanXHoratio

Sit Vis Tecum
[T] by: Heathenesque
: CSI - Series Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Suspense / Police / Action | Type: Crossover
Latest Revision: July 10, 2007 10:33 PDT | Chapters: 8 | Words: 59.0K | Visits: 5.1K
Summary: The victim's head had exploded from within, there was a tank of some mysterious red substance in the basement, and an animal that looked suspiciously like a cross between a dog and a human... This was NOT your typical Miami crime-scene and Horatio Caine w read more
Review(s): 13 Reviews

Leggo My Greggo
[A] by: Jodine16
: CSI - Series Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Shounen / Comedy | Type: One Shot
Latest Revision: October 27, 2006 06:18 PDT | Chapters: 1 | Words: 1.6K | Visits: 1.1K
Summary: Crossover with CSI: Miami

Greg has a dream of getting married to Nick and Ryan, who get divorced and fight over who gets him. Nick x Greg x Ryan

Hidden Memories
[T] by: jadeprincess
: CSI - Series Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Drama | Type: Alternate Universe
Latest Revision: October 20, 2006 20:47 PDT | Chapters: 3 | Words: 3.1K | Visits: 985
Summary: Pictures may fade, but memories last forever... Words are not the only things that can tell a story. In this case, photos tell more than words.
Also posted on fanfiction under demonichime