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Anime/Manga: Nabari No Ou Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Action / Martial Arts / Romance / Samurai / Angst | Type: Other
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Summary: She leapt back, landing on her feet with a soft thud, her shoes scuffling against the grass as she looked at her opponent with unwavering platinum bronze eyes, the wind toying with her jaw length blonde hair, whispering along her dark skin.

For Richer Or Poorer
[T] by: RAWRRxItsShelly
: Nabari No Ou Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Comedy / Drama / Romance / Angst | Type: Other
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Summary: Hi, I'm Anna-Bella. A normal 16 year old girl that lives with her fathe rin a small Cali town. But get this: He's not my real father. Oh, and I have a twin brother. Through a series of events I somehow wound up going from poor to rich in about 24 hours. Co read more

[A] by: tathchan
: Nabari No Ou Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Comedy | Type: One Shot
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Summary: Yoite was well aware that many at school found his friendship with Rokujyou Miharu somewhat odd...

Written for the 2006 Nabari no Ou Secret Santa Exchange. [highschool au. gen. essentially pointless. you have been warned!]
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