Original Poetry Fan Fiction


[T] by: archergirl14
: Original Poetry Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Romance / Angst | Type: Poetry
Latest Revision: April 23, 2012 14:02 PDT | Chapters: 1 | Words: 449 | Visits: 555
Summary: Just a collection of poems I've created, all of them are strictly mine. Some are romantic others are depressing, so be warned to stay away if you don't like this genre.

Book of Imaginings
[T] by: rawhidewolf
: Original Poetry Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Classic | Type: Poetry
Latest Revision: May 04, 2011 15:46 PDT | Chapters: 6 | Words: 1.0K | Visits: 1.6K
Summary: Born in my brains and bred in my bones, I have given these words an open home. Heh, sorry, just wanted to see if I could get away with the rhyme. This is a compilation of poetry I've written on a variety of topics, some dark and others less so. R&R