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.hack//Twilight Exodus
Whispers from the Past
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December 24, 2010.
That was the fifth anniversary of the Pluto Kiss virus and the third anniversary of the release of CC Corp.'s MMORPG The World. A day that every player of The World would remember for years to come. It was also the day that CC Corp. officially closed down both the game and their company.
Too many people with stories of collapsing into comas while playing the game caused the shut down. The World had been ruled dangerous and thus had to be stopped. The day that had once been known as The Mother Mary's Kiss was now Twilight of The World.
Two years later, each and every player on the Japanese edition of The World received an email reading :
Subject: The World Reborn
Sender: W.B. Yates
The World's twilight has faded.
A new sun rises from
The strength of four.
A reply to this message,
And your wish
They shall grant.
If you are an adventurer beware
This secret never be revealed,
Lest the Sun set again
And the Twilight return.
Anyone who read the message boards was familiar with the name “W.B. Yates”. He considered himself a net poet and was well known throughout the game for his improvised poems and songs.
His message was plain enough: four people had found a way to resurrect The World and were spreading it around the original players once again. All you had to do was reply to the message and you'd be told how to join the game.
There were skeptics, of course. There must have been. But the media never heard about the underground release of the game.
Not a single player among the 4,576,623 who received the email spilled the news. And by the end of the day the email was sent, 3,243,246 people had replied. Three days later, not a single recipient hadn't sent a request for the game.
January 10, 2012.
The day the four calling themselves CyberConnect2 released The World upon the waiting fans.