6teen Fan Fiction ❯ 7teen: 4 Is ❯ Confidence ( Chapter 3 )

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Jonesy made it to Ron's and bailed Nikki out with what little cash he had, now he was sorry he got fired. Nikki's cell door was opened but she crashed into the bars while trying to exit, and her glasses fell out of her pocket.
Jonesy recognized those glasses anywhere. He picked them up, “Here, Nikki…” and put them on her. Nikki felt really ashamed. “Fine! Go ahead. Start making fun.”
Jonesy was confused. “What? So your wearing your glasses because you can't see well.” Then he realized. “Is that why you've been ducking me all day?”
“What…? No… no…” Nikki shrugged. “Yes…” She went on saying of much he used to tease her in first grade. Jonesy still had that picture of her tap-dancing in that silly get up. “Those were the old days.” He chuckled, but he also meant that literally. “That was more than ten years ago. It's old news now.”
“Ah…?” Nikki just stood there, and blinked behind her glasses.
“Nikki… I was just a little kid back then, and so were you. Of course I'd make fun of you then it's because I didn't know any better. Now look at us, years and years later we've matured at least a little, and heck I've even worn fake glasses many times before. Even my dad wears glasses so he can read better. So what's there to make fun of?”
Nikki finally realized how foolish she had been acting, and she pecked her husband on the cheek.
Nicole's glasses were just about ready but it would take a few more minutes. I had no idea how long I was sitting there for, but I didn't seem to mind. Nicole and had a wonderful chat, and I finally convinced her that she should tell the guy she liked how she felt. “Remember what I said… you'll never know unless you try.”
Nicole felt ready for it, even if the guys she liked wouldn't be able to return her feelings at least she'd know, and she'd try and take it well. “But I'll try and handle it well.” She said bravely.
Then, the lady behind the counter said her glasses were ready. I paid for them just as I promised, and they were pricy, but nothing I couldn't make-up for at Comic-Cavern.
“Thank you for everything you've done for me.” Nicole said.
“No sweat.” I said. “And good luck telling your mystery guy how you feel.”
Nicole put her glasses, but she took one look at me, and realized, “Wha…?! Oh my god!” and she ran away faster than the road-runner. I was most confused, “Huh…?”
The lady even asked me, “Do you know if she's alright?”
I had no idea.
Nicole had already dashed halfway along the mall, because she recognized my face anywhere, even though it had been years. She finally stopped when she made it to the elevator and shut the doors, but she didn't start the lift and merely felt like bursting into tears, but not out of disappointment.
“I can't believe it was really him…!” she said to herself.
That's right… I was threat guy she knew from way back in grade-school. That's what she knew, but I didn't know that, at least not then anyway.
All this time she had been hanging out with me all day as if we on a date, and it was no wonder my words felt so deep to her, but she knew that she couldn't have me as I had been talking about my friends, and my girlfriend of two years… Amelie.
She felt like such an idiot, but she had to try keeping her promise and taking it well knowing she couldn't have me, but at least I had given her a new sense of confidence. “Thanks, Mykan…” she muttered under her breath as a tear leaked from her eye.
I finally met up with the gang at the lemon for a quick smoothie before closing. “Boy… I've had a day.” I said. “I hope Nicole's okay though.”
Caitlin thought what I did was pretty sweet. “It's nice that you paid for her glasses and gave her new confidence.”
Nikki and Jonesy also felt better, Nikki wasn't too ashamed to wear her glasses, and was still wearing them now. “Still… it'll be nice to have my contacts back.” she said.
Jonesy agreed, “Yeah… then you can see me lose another job.”
This certainly had been one strange day, but we all had a fun time anyway. Jude then noticed, “Dude…” he said to me, “Isn't that the chick…?”
Nicole walked past, quite a distance from the table; she tipped her glasses at me as a sing of waving, and tipped my shades at her. Then she was gone. “Hey, she doesn't look half bad.” Wyatt said.
“Think she'll get her dream boy, whoever he is?” asked Jen.
I didn't know, but seeing how confident Nicole was, I believed that whether or not, “She's going to be just fine.”
And as Nicole left the mall, she kept telling herself to let go of me. I wasn't hers to take, but she would always be thankful for everything I did for her.
(Ending theme)
I'm 7teen…
I have found my own way
I love my job and I live at the mall today.
And I am on my own now and forever.
I'm 7teen… 7TEEN…!
Still, the memories will last.
Jonesy… Caitlin… Wyatt… Jen… Jude… Nikki… Mykan