6teen Fan Fiction ❯ 7teen: Alcoholics Anonymous ❯ Breaking Caitlin's heart ( Chapter 3 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Caitlin and Bill went to the food court to take some shots there. The whole gang met up and we all had our picture taken near the lemon, and every so often, Bill would give Caitlin signs to keep her mouth shut about him sneaking drinks, and Caitlin said an did nothing.
The next stop was going to be at my store, Comic-Cavern. Then as promised, the Penalty Box would be next. “I sure hope so.” groaned Jen “If I have to hear Coach ask me one more time about how he looks, I'll… I'll…”
“Easy, Jen…” I said. “Just help me with these displays. It'll take your mind off it.”
Jen was helping me set up some extra displays around Comic Cavern-- models, and sceneries from our own comic's series. Jonesy and Nikki came along on a walking date while Jonesy was still on his rounds. “Hey, the mall's a big place.” he pointed out.
Bill and Caitlin were already finished setting up, and Nikki and Jonesy took a quick peek inside. My displays looked so wonderful, you'd think you just left the real world. “Wow! Somebody's going overboard.” Nikki teased.
“Not even gonna go there.” I said “But I am going to have to go upstairs and get a few more things. Are you guys sure you're going to be okay?”
Caitlin and Bill nodded. “And if there's one thing we photographers are best at, it's being loyal to one another. Right, Caitlin?” Bill said, and he was hinting words to Caitlin.
I went upstairs to get my things, and Jen came with me to give me a hand. “Well we're going to jet too.” said Jonesy “I still have to check a whole other five floors.”
Nikki looped her arm around her husband's, “At least you have some help.” She flirted. Then they left, leaving Caitlin alone with Bill. He shot her a wink thanking her for not telling. “Good girl, Caitlin.”
Caitlin smiled nervously, and then watched as Bill took another sip from his flask. He was starting to swerve a bit as if he was having a hard time standing straight. It was obvious to Caitlin he was getting a little too drunk. “You sure you don't want to relax for a while?” she asked.
“Never mind…” Bill said. “Why don't we start by rearranging some of the displays a little to get more room.”
Caitlin agreed, but when Bill told her to move one of the tables back he just kept saying. “Go back a little. No, that's too far… No, you did it wrong again.”
Caitlin felt like she was going in circles, and Bill seemed to be getting Angrier and angrier. Finally, Caitlin accidently knocked a single comic book off a shelf. “Now look what you've done!” Bill scolded her.
Caitlin was starting to feel more insecure. She tried to apologize…
“Some helper you are.” snapped Bill “Why did I ever agree to work with you in the first place?”
Caitlin tried to speak her peace, but Bill didn't want to hear what she had to say. “Get out of the way, you! I'll do it myself!” But Bill, unable to walk straight while nearly drunk, and not looking where he was going, tripped over a light cable, and he fell into one of my shelves, which started a domino effect that toppled over all my displays, collapsed my shelves, and worse, Bill best camera had been smashed and the lights were busted.
Caitlin couldn't believe her eyes, and then her ears as Bill scolded her to the full extent of his temper. “Caitlin! Look what you've made me do now! Look at this mess! You've ruined the whole shoot! You've ruined everything the whole day is wasted because of you!”
Tears were starting to form in Caitlin's eyes as she tried to apologize. “I was only trying to help.”
“Well, you didn't try hard enough!” shouted Bill as he sank to the floor and drank form his flask. “Now get out of here! I don't ever want to see you again! You'll never have a future in photography.”
Those terrible, hurtful words struck Caitlin right in the heart. “I should've told Jonesy from the start!” she sobbed.
When Jen and I heard the crash, we raced downstairs to find my store in a mess, Bill sitting on the floor and drinking, and Caitlin running out of the store with her hands over her face, crying!
“Caitlin…!” Jen called
“Look at what your clumsy friend has done now!” growled Bill.
Jen and I were most upset. “Mykan, call Jonesy, quick!” cried Jen. “I've gotta find Caitlin.”
“Right…” I agreed.
All Bill could do was drink from his flask and sulk in the corner. The whole shoot was ruined, and he blamed Caitlin for everything, when he really should have been blaming himself for all that.