6teen Fan Fiction ❯ 7teen: Holiday Fears ❯ Mr. Good-Deeds ( Chapter 4 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Jen, Caitlin and Wyatt were horrified to hear what Nikki had to say about Jonesy's behaviour at Comic-Cavern. “Wow… what a Scrooge!” Jen hissed.
“That's exactly what I called him.” said Nikki. “He wouldn't even give a penny to the poor kids or even make a donation.”
“Yikes!” snapped Wyatt. “A side of Jonesy I never though could even remotely exist.”
Caitlin nodded, and then she gasped. “Uh oh… here he comes.” She whispered to the others, and everyone began to put on their silent treatment faces.
Jonesy approached the table and could already see that the others were going to give him the silent treatment. “Okay… I had a feeling this was coming to Me.” he said as he sat, but the others didn't respond, and they turned away from him. Nikki even got up and moved over to the stools on the lemon where I usually sat… away from Jonesy.
“Oh come on you guys… you can't all be mad at me for a few simple screw ups.”
“Jonesy… it's just that you screwed up.” Jen finally spat at him. “It's the way you've been acting towards everyone.”
“Seriously dude… I've never known anyone to act so selfish before.” added Jude. “Even I know how to handle good money, and that there are other little dudes who need it more than me.”
Wyatt got up, “I'm going to go and shop some for so I can find a gift for Serena.” he said sternly and he left.
“I'm going back to work too.” said Jen. “At least there I can make money that I'm willing to share.” and she was gone
“Aw, Come on guys…!” cried Jonesy. “Nikki… Caitlin…?”
“Uh… we're not talking to you.” Nikki snapped. “I'd rather hang with the Clones than a Scrooge!” and she was gone too, leaving only Caitlin with Jonesy. Even though she had nowhere to go, Caitlin just huffed at him, and shut herself up inside the lemon.
Jonesy slumped down into his seat. He never felt so bad about messing up this badly before in his life, and now not only his friends, but half the mall was mad at him as some of the shoppers passing by were muttering…
“Look… it's the creep who loves money.”
“I can't see why Spotswood ever hired him.”
Jonesy's featured hardened. “That's it… I've got to do something about this.” and with that he stormed off to Comic-Cavern and reset all the prices back to normal. More customers came flooding into the store, even those whom he had rejected earlier came back.
And what's more, Jonesy made a lot of money that he immediately began to going around the mall making donations, giving it to the poor. Just like a Scrooge, he changed his ways, and soon everyone in the mall were bustling about giving him their thanks.
Jonesy even noticed that Wyatt was shopping like crazy trying to find something for Serena, and he falling short on his cash. Jonesy knew what he had to do. “You want to help me buy stuff?” he asked, “Who are you, and what have you done to Jonesy?”
“Never you mind that.” Jonesy said. “I realized my fault, and admit I was wrong. Now that Scrooge you knew is long gone, and I'm going to make it up to everyone.” Then he handed Wyatt a chuck load of cash. Wyatt couldn't believe his eyes. “Whoa… is this for real?” he had to ask.
“Believe it bro…” replied Jonesy. “Gotta' bounce. Got loads of more good deeds to do...” and he was off.
Wyatt gazed down at the cash he was given, and then decided to go on a wild shopping spree. He bought Serena practically one of anything he thought she may like...
A stuffed Christmas polar-bear…
A “Somebody loves me” sweater in aqua-blue…
A new necklace…
A new bandana; one that resembled the old one Chad gave to Serena once. Wyatt remembered, “Hockey-sticks and pucks aren't Serena's style.”
A new I-pod…
Finally, he bought a small coffee making set from “Grind-me” as part of their Christmas offers. This way, Serena would be able to make her own cup of coffee without having to leave “Spin-This”… well, unless she wanted to see Charmaine of course.
But by this point it was really getting hard for him to carry so much stuff at once. “Ugh… maybe… ugh… I've gone a little… over-board.” He muttered with a shopping-bag string between his teeth.
He walked along the mall, but suddenly he began to lose his grip and he couldn't figure out where he was going. Then, before he knew it, he walked right into someone, and all his gifts scattered all over the floor. “Wyatt…?” said a familiar voice.
Wyatt gasped and then realized that he bumped into. “Oh… Serena… sorry about that.” he said meekly. They both began to gather up the gifts. “Uh… these wouldn't all happen to be for a special someone would they?” Serena asked.
Wyatt sighed, and decided not to sugarcoat it. “Yeah… they are. I just hope their still okay.” He said as he stuffed all the items back into their respective bags.
Serena rolled her eyes. “Wyatt… I think it's sweet that you did all this for me, but like I told you before, I didn't want any of these things for Christmas.”
Wyatt looked up at her. “I guess I lost my mind again.” He said. “I just wanted to give you something to show how special you are to me.”
Serena smiled, “Wyatt… I know you think I'm special.” She said to him, “And that's why… all I really wanted was this…” and she pulled her boyfriend into a kiss.
Wyatt dropped the bags and kissed her back, and when they separated, he said. “Something deep inside me knew you wanted that.”
Serena giggled. “Sure it did…”
As for the other six gifts, Wyatt knew who would be happy with them…
Later on
The gang had gathered at Comic-Cavern to see how Jonesy was making out and Wyatt gave everyone the gifts.
Jonesy got the I-pod. Jen got the Christmas-bear to add to her collection at home. Caitlin got the necklace. Jude got the bandana, and Nikki got the blue “Somebody loves me sweater.” Since Jonesy pretty much paid for it since he gave Wyatt the money.
Wyatt kept the coffee set for himself, and made everyone a cup. “Ahh… thanks a lot, dude. I really needed this.” Jonesy said.
“Oh, what… did Mr. Good-Deeds finally run out of cheer?” Nikki joked, but she and the others were well aware that Jonesy was tired from working in the store a lot.
“At least Mykan didn't know about the whole Scrooge thing.” Jen said. “You'd so get fired for that.”
“You bet he would…” said a voice from the computer on the counter.
“Did you guys hear that?” Caitlin asked.
“Dude… Christmas Ghosts!” cried Jude, and hid himself in the broom-closet. Jonesy however saw what it was. “Hey… it's a webcam.” he said. Everyone gathered round, and my face appeared on the screen. “Seasons Greetings from France.”
“It's Mykan…!” cried Jen.
“Dude… it's been like a long time.” Jude said. Of course it wasn't really as I only had left yesterday, but then again, to Jude a day was like another year or two.
“Hold on…! What do you mean, you bet I would?” Jonesy asked.
I motioned for everyone to look above the store entrance, and everyone could see another webcam. “You didn't really think I'd leave you in charge just like that now did you?”
Jonesy blushed, and felt really embarrassed.
I had actually been watching Jonesy the whole time, and I was pretty shocked from what he did, but I was proud that he quickly recognized his errors, and helped to use the money from my store to make people's Christmas' whiter.
“Just remember… no matter how many things money can do, it just can't love you back the way you love others.”
Just then, everyone saw Amelie jump into the picture and sit beside me. “Spoken like a true chritsmas-`unk.” she said and then pecked my cheek.
The others shared a small laugh, and then we wished each other happy-holidays before I signed off. Jonesy had learned a lot this Christmas… and if people like him can see the difference between love and money… then it's safe to tell the whole world…
Christmas is here, and we're gonna have a good time.
Hangin' in a mall with some really great friends of mine.
I got the “Somebody loves me” sweater.
Locked in the mall, and who cares about the weather.
Jonesy… Caitlin… Wyatt… Jen… Jude… Nikki… Mykan!
1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6…
I am 7teen and I'm gonna have fun now.
Christmas, and new years are comin' on the run how.
Going to do shoppin', and chillax with each other
I'm 7teen, and I am keen believe you me my brother,
Nah-Nah-Nah-Nah-Nah-Nah-Naaaaah…Naaaaaah…Naaaaah.< /i>
Jonesy… Caitlin… Wyatt… Jen… Jude… Nikki… Mykan!
Author's notes:
Be sure to look out for my 7teen NEW YEARS special.
Happy Holidays!