6teen Fan Fiction ❯ 7teen: Pop Goes the Question ❯ Jumpin Jude and Nasty Nikki ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The first thing Jonesy needed was customers, but he couldn't just walk up to them, or it wouldn't be much of a secret. Luckily he didn't have to-- the mall was practically filled with couples in trouble or guys too chicken to talk to their crushes.
Some of them were guys, Jonesy knew. This gave Jonesy the perfect edge he needed. All he needed to do was think of things to say. He even came to me for advice. “Come on, man… you make up sweet things all the time.”
“Well Jonesy, either you have the talent, or you don't have it. It's just something you pick up.” I explained to him. “But one thing you can think of your own dream girl.”
Jonesy tried and he thought about Nikki, and his mind just started bursting with romantic thoughts and lines. “Thanks, man. I owe ya one.” he said, and then he was off leaving me to get back to work dusting the shelves.
Suddenly, I heard someone sneeze. “Jude…?” I said. Jude poked his head from behind the shelf, “What up…?” he asked in a lowdown voice, and he sneezed again. He obviously had come in here while I was talking to Jonesy “What are you doing here?” I asked.
“Hiding from Starr…” Jude answered.
Suddenly, he could see her coming. “Ah!” and he ducked down behind the display again, and gave me the “I'm not here!” gesture.
“Hey, Mykan…”
“Starr… hi…” I said trying to cover for Jude.
“Have you seen Jude? I want to know if he's decided yet.”
I hesitated a minute, “Uh… no… I haven't seen him, but if I do I'll let you know.” But Starr was smarter than she looked, and using elementary deductions she forced Jude out from behind the shelf. “Ah, man…!” he groaned.
“Jude? Why are you avoiding me?” Starr asked, then she held her hands together, fluttered her eyes behind her glasses, “And have you decided on the proposal yet?”
Jude felt his temperature rising, and his body was starting to sweat nervously. “I… uh… well… thing is…”
Just then, his phone rang. Jude answered it, but it was really just me calling him behind Starr's back. Jude just pretended it was Caitlin calling and used it an excuse to leave. “Sorry, duty calls. Later!”
“But Jude…!” Starr called as she ran after him.
I couldn't help but chuckle, and Jude sent me a text saying “I owe you one.”
…Two IOUs in one day I had gotten. “Cool...”
Nikki was at the Khaki Barn boring herself to death by sorting socks. “You're doing it all wrong.” snapped Kristen. “The blues go here, the baby-blues go there.” added Kirsten.
“And black and blue will go at your eyes if you don't quit pestering me!” snapped Nikki, frightening the girls half to death.
Just then, Krissy shrieked for joy. “Ugh! Now what?!” groaned Nikki.
Krissy gathered everyone around for her to make her big announcement. She had just received the most romantic letter from a guy she had been crushing on, and she just had to read it aloud to her fellow workers.
Your smile is like a-thousand diamonds of white, and your eyes sparkle like the stars in the sky. My heart aches when I'm not with you, and each moment the feeling grows stronger.
I'd love for us to meet so that we could get to know each other better, but I feel as if I already know you, such a beautiful, wonderful girl.
Kristen and Kirsten were totally jealous, and Nikki… she was shocked. Not just by the fact that someone could say such things about Krissy, but because she knew who really wrote that letter, and not only was she shocked to know that Jonesy had written all those words.
“Why doesn't he say that stuff to me?” she wondered.
(Heavenly romantic music)
I let Jonesy work in my office, as it was private and peaceful. Just the place for him to gather his romantic thoughts by thinking of Nikki, and gave him more ideas of what to put in the letters of the crushes of his customers. The music playing form my stereo helped him even more.
He even had candles, flowers in a vase next to him for more atmosphere, and he ever was writing with a feathery pen he bought form a craft shop. Now he really felt like Cyrano, and he acted well like him too…
… He left letters everywhere he went, slipping them into knapsacks. On reserved table seats, even sneaking up from behind and leaving them next to the person. No matter what, he made sure not to be seen.
He was even making quite a profit from some of the people he helped, by asking the person to leave twenty bucks in a secret place and then leave while he could sneak out from the shadows and take it.
Even though he was usually fascinated with money, he couldn't help but kiss his profits tenderly like kissing Nikki and go, “Ahh…! L'amour…!”
All over the mall girls were getting more mystery love letters form secret admirers they never thought they had, and were so entranced by such beautiful words…
There is no word that can describe how I feel. I would have to invent one, but even IT would not even begin to describe what you really mean to me
I can look at a million other girls, and always I would see your face and yours only. No other can enflame my passion and heart the way you do.
Beauty is only skin deep, but there is so much more to you than meets my eye, and how I long to explore the vastness you can offer, and touch the flower that is your face.
Nikki could hear a lot of these words being said as the girls read them aloud to friends, and the more she heard, the more neglected she felt that Jonesy never said things like that to her face. She was starting to get a little mad!
Then suddenly someone covered her eyes from behind. “Guess who…?” her husband teased.
Nikki sighed irritably. “Mr. Thoughtless who makes me question our marriage?” she said sharply.
“No… it's…” Jonesy stopped, “Wait… is something wrong, honey?”
“Don't you honey me…! In fact don't even come near me!” Then she left in a huff leaving Jonesy feeling all confused.