6teen Fan Fiction ❯ 7teen: Pop Goes the Question ❯ Lovely Gestures ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Jude was at the lemon with the rest of us. “Jude, you can't keep running form Starr like this.” Wyatt said. “She'll probably think you don't love her.” added Caitlin.
Jude couldn't believe such words, “But I do love her.” He said.
“Well if you love Starr that much, shouldn't you accept her proposal?” asked Jen. “That way you both can spend all this time planning ahead, and you can spend even more and more time together every day.”
I even reminded Jude of the time he and the guys helped me confront my fears and nerves about asking Amelie to be my girlfriend. “Now I think you need to man-up too, Jude.”
Jude finally realized that we were all right, and he agreed to accept Starr's proposal. “But how should I do it. I wanna make it really extra special and nice.”
We all thought about it. “Hey, where's Nikki…?” asked Caitlin. “I have no idea…” said a near depressed Jonesy as he came to the table and slumped into his seat. “What's up with you?” asked Wyatt. “Let me guess… your new Cyrano job is a disaster?”
“No. It's Nikki… she's acting pretty mad around me, and she won't tell me why.”
This was starting to seem familiar to Jen, and she almost immediately figured why as a couple of girls walked by reading love letters supposedly from their crushes, but that Jonesy had obviously written.
Even chocolate covered sugar cubes aren't as sweet as you.
In the night and day there is magic, especially when it is you I see.
Even Caitlin felt entranced hearing those words, but then she too could understand why Nikki would be mad. “You know, I don't remember you ever saying those things to Nikki.”
“But I think about them all the time.” Jonesy said “Isn't that enough?”
The rest of us said nothing, meaning that it really wasn't enough. “Jonesy, when you really love or care about someone, they have to hear it from you.” I said “Or at least show it to them in a way.”
Jonesy really felt bad now. He had some really big damage controlling to do, “But how do I convince her?”
Suddenly, “Dude…!” Jude had an idea, one that would fix both his and Jonesy's problems. He explained the plan, but Jonesy wasn't too crazy about it. “It'll expose me, and I'd lose my job…!”
“What's more important, Nikki, or your job?” Wyatt rhetorically asked.
“Jonesy, think about it…” said Jen. “Nikki's your wife, and my sister-in-law, but that's beside the point. Nikki can love you and be there for you more than a job and cash ever could, and you know that. Don't you?”
Jonesy clenched his fists and stood up tall and proud. “Excuse me. I've got work to do.” And he went off saying “I'll meet you guys at the Soft rock Café in an hour. Make sure both Starr and Nikki are there.”
We all smiled and knew everything was going to be alright. “Now if you'll excuse me…!” said Jude. “Where are you going…?” asked Caitlin.
“…To get somethin' special.”
An hour later, we were all at the Soft Rock. Nikki and Starr were with us, but Jude and Jonesy were nowhere to be seen. Starr didn't feel very happy though. She looked as if she was going to cry. “I guess… Jude doesn't want to marry me now. Why else would he be avoiding… me?”
Jen and Caitlin comforted her, but Nikki was being a little senseless when she said it was probably for the best. “This way he won't neglect to say anything nice to you, or about you.”
Wyatt and I gave her the “Shut up!” expression, but Starr already felt worse. She took off her glasses and cried softly into her hands.
Suddenly, the manager, Chuck, had an announcement to make. He had received a letter, and was told it was for a very special girl who was in the café right now, and he read it aloud to everyone.
My lovely lady…
I have thought, and thought, but it's hard for me to gather my thoughts up when all I can think about is you, and how special you are to me. We've been through so much together, and just as much when we weren't.
You're the rockin'est chick I ever met. You and I are like both sides of the pod that holds the peas, and now I know that I just can't picture my life without you.
Everyone in the café awed that, but then Chuck read another line. “Turn around… my lady Starr.”
Starr gasped softly when she heard her name, and she turned and saw Jude standing behind her. He was smiling at her lovingly, and then got down on his knees, held a small box out to Starr. “Starr…” he asked “Will you let me say yes to your proposal?” Then he opened the box to reveal a small ring, not very expensive, but still very beautiful.
Starr wasted no time in taking the ring and cried. “Yes! YES…!” and she tackled Jude to the floor kissing him like no tomorrow. Everyone cheered and whistled for joy to the new happy couple. They hadn't been this happy since Jonesy and Nikki got married.
Just then, Chuck called for everyone's attention because there was a second note for another girl.
To my loving wife--
There is something I've been meaning to tell you for a while.
While the last letter wasn't really written by me, you really need to know. All I was doing was just trying to help other people. It's not like I haven't before.
But to come up with beautiful words like what you've been hearing… they are actually my thoughts and feelings for when I think about you.
“Ah…?” Nikki just sat there with her mouth hanging open. Then she felt a warm hand touch her shoulder from behind. She turned round and saw Jonesy. He was staring at her with honest eyes.
“Nikki… sometimes I can't find words to describe you. You're really that amazing to me, and you always will be.”
The crowd awed again.
“So what do you say…? We cool now…?” asked Jonesy.
Nikki stood up and pulled him by the shirt-collar closer to her face. “You had me at… when I think about you.” And she kissed him hard and passionately. The crowd cheered again, louder than ever.
Chuck wiped a tear form his eye. “Heavy. Just heavy.” was all he could say.