Ah My Goddess Fan Fiction ❯ Way of the Ya ❯ Vol. One, Chapter Two: Night Dream ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Night Dream
Shone's mom came upstairs the next morning. She thought her son went to his bed. The woman was asleep when Yulia came in. So she unaware.
Yulia was still asleep in Shone's bed. She was slowly waking up. The door opened. Shone's mom walked in.
“Good morning, dear!” she called out. Yulia just pulled the sheets over her head tighter and rolled over.
“Come on, Shone.” his mom said. “Don't be like that.” Then Shone's mother walked over to the bed. She pulled the sheets from the youth's body. But to her surprise, she found Yulia lying in his bed. Boy! Was she loud when she screamed!
Shone rushed upstairs. He saw his mom pale with shock. He turned to Yulia. She looked lost.
“What happened?” Shone's eyes seemed to ask. His lady shook her head. It was clear. Yulia had no clue happened.
Shone's mother pulled him into the hall. “Yes?” he asked. His mother's face was a bright red apple.
“WHO IS SHE?!?” the mother screamed. Her son kept calm. “She's my girlfriend.” Shone answered. The mother's anger flared.
“GIRL… FRIEND?!?” she yelled. Her son nodded. His mother screamed again.
Shone waited patiently. Then he calmly explained why Yulia was home.
“So?!?” his momma snapped.
“She has nowhere to stay.” Shone replied. “I don't care!” the mother yelled. “She's not staying here!!!”
“But…” Shone protested.
“No!!!” the mom yelled.
In Shone's room, Yulia heard everything. “So I see,” she thought bitterly. “I'm not wanted here!” The girl clinched the sheets tightly.
In the late night hours, Yulia, despite her injuries, climbed out the living room window and ran into the ban. The air was clear. She just kept running.
Yulia ran into the city. The place was lifeless. But she didn't care. However, there was a problem. Where was she going to go?
Yulia stood lost. “Now what?” she thought.
“You should go back.” a voice said. Yulia looked around. No one was in sight. Yulia kept her guard up. She wasn't alone.
“All right!” the girl yelled. “Who the hell are you?!? Come out and fight!” Silence followed. Yulia looked around. Then she heard a sound. The girl turned slowly. And out the clothing store window appeared a young lady with light brown hair. She looked like a goddess. Yulia jumped back in shock.
“Who the hell are you?!?” the girl asked. The lady smiled.
“I am the goddess, Belldandy.” she answered. Yulia just stared. She believed Bell, but…
“What do you mean?” the girl asked.
“Hmm…” Bell said. “About what?”
“About going back.” Yulia answered. “Why should I?” Belldandy came out of the window and stood tall. The moonlight made her look even more like a goddess.
“He needs you.” she answered. Yulia kept looking. Then she walked off. Belldandy watched her. “I have to get her back to Shone!” the goddess thought. So she flew after the girl. If she was going to do her job, Bell would have to fight hard to Yulia on the right track. Starting--now!
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