Ah My Goddess Fan Fiction ❯ Way of the Ya ❯ Vol. One, Chapter Six: Guardian ( Chapter 6 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Yulia was playing archery again. She didn't know why, but the girl enjoyed it. This became an everyday activity.
Belldandy watched from inside. She noticed something. Every time Yulia shot the arrow, they would do some weird curve before hitting the target. But how? That was virtually, impossible for humans.
This whole method remained the goddess of a legend. It was about the seven guardians. They each represent an element: time, fire, water, air, nature, love, and life. The guardians were six guys and a female.
The female's name was Kazumi. She was the guardian of life, and boy, she was a wild one! Kazumi was always causing mischief, from harmless little pranks to things that a high-powered mystic would lose power and status over, she was always at it. “Life is short, so take a chance!” was the guardian's motto. And she lived it well.
Despite her wild ways, Kazumi understood with chance, responsibility stood right by its side. And as guardian of life, Kazumi had her own responsibilities as well as the next mystic. She believed in true love. Thus, the guardian keeping her virginity until she found the right man. And believe me, Kazumi would beat up anyone who would try and force her. Also, Kazumi protected humans with a passion.
Then the Purgatory Battle started. All seven guardians went in and battled to defend heaven. All of them had died. But when it came time for burial, Kazumi's body was never found.
One trademark besides her wild and strong virgin promise that the guardian had was her might archery skills. Kazumi always made her arrows curve and hit the target perfectly. How she did it? Kazumi would never explain…
Right then, a concept hit Belldandy. Yulia could be the reincarnation Kazumi! Not by techniques, but by the same wild ways. She would just have to see for herself.
Then the door opened and shut. Bell looked up and saw Yulia in the doorway.
“Oh my!” the goddess exclaimed. “You startled me!”
“I've been thinking,” Yulia spoke up.
“Since you're doing something for me by helping turn my life around, I've decided to do something for you.” The goddess looked surprised.
“What do you mean?” she asked. Yulia grinned and grasped Bell's hands.
“I promise to keep you and Keiichi out of harm's way and stay together forever.” she declared. Then the ruffian walked to her room. Belldandy just stood there and stared. What did she mean by that?
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