Ah My Goddess Fan Fiction ❯ Way of the Ya ❯ Vol. One, Chapter Seven: 99 Problems ( Chapter 7 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

99 Problems
For anger management, Belldandy suggested that Yulia make a list of things she had problems with. The girl heeded the goddess's advice. By the end, Yulia needed five sheets of paper. Here is her list:
My Problems:
Problem #1
My past.
I was kidnapped by thugs at a young age. They were abusive. Those assholes kept beating me up! One night, they dragged me out of bed, beat me, and left me to die in the rain. I was lucky to escape. Otherwise, I wouldn't be writing this list, would I?
Problems #2-3
Shone's mother
I hate Shone's momma. She's just an old nagging bitch!!! She always bosses me around. She even locks me out of the house. His mom scowls at the fact I sleep in his bed. And that's not all. She clings to Shone like a leech! Hel-lo! He's nineteen damn it! LET THE BOY GROW UP!!!
Problem #4
Shone's sister!!!
Not the little angel! The older one. She's just like the old bitch! The little bitch talks down to me and tries to get me thrown out of the house. Damn, she and her mother are so much alike!
Problems #5-7
Let me sum this up! The classes suck! They are so boring! I fall right asleep walking into them! Zzz!!!
The teachers are stupid! They talk to me like an idiot. And all because of my accent! Damn idiots!
My classmates are both stupid and they suck! They are stuck-up and they treat me like I'm stupid! Again, because of my accent! Geesh! Why can't they just leave it alone?!?
Problems #8-9
The place is too boring! Too quiet! Too peaceful! BOR-ING!
The neighbors suck! Most of them are old people! Barely anybody my age is here! Plus they scowl at me too!
Problems #10-11
Sisters' Friends
They hate me. Nough said.
Problems #12-16
My image
Everyone except for Shone, Bell, and the little angel hate how I dress, act, my slang, accent, and my past! IT'S FUCKING STUPID!
Problem #17
I just flat out hate them!
Problem #18
The Police
They're always watching me! Every time I time I walk by them, they glare at me. What's with them? They act like I'm a criminal. Geez!
Problem #19
Why is it that some guys act like pure dogs to women?!? It's pathetic! It's low! And it's gross!
Problem #20
Guys at school
They pick on Shone and give perverted looks at me. If the teachers weren't there, the jerks would be seeing the pearly white gates in the sky.
Problem #21
Shone's Doormat ways to his mother
It ukes me that my love is a momma's I wish he would grow up! Geez!
Problem #22
Being treated like an idiot
I'm not stupid, why can't they all see that?
Problem #23
Girls flirting with Shone
He's taken! Find someone else!
Problem #24-25
Juri and Shone's mother trying to throw me out of the house.
Problems #26-32
The mother's clinginess!
The mother tries to cling to Shone, Juri, Koto, and Kaneko! That means alienating them from their father and me! How dumb is that?
Problem #33
Parents thinking I'm evil!
It's just stupid! What do they think I am, Satan?
Problems #34-35
Shone's mother
Problem #36
Problem # 37-39
Problem #38
People that cheat on their lovers
It's stupid! It's wrong! I hate it!
Problem #40
Shone's doormat ways
Problem #41
Abusive relationships
Dumb and pointless!
Problems #42-45
Problems #46-99
Shone's mom, sister, school, sluts, perverts, Shone's doormat ways, and the police
Belldandy sighed at the list. It was clear. Yulia's real problem was her attitude. Something had to be done and fast!
Get to Work!