Ah My Goddess Fan Fiction ❯ Way of the Ya ❯ Vol. One, Chapter Nine: Pool Talk ( Chapter 9 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Pool Talk
Ah, Sundays! Perfect day to sit around and do nothing in Japan. Shone had the perfect idea on how to spend the day. He came over to his girlfriend at the bay window. He gently tapped her awake. Yulia mumbled something in Russian as she woke up. Shone smiled at her warmly.
“Hey Yulia-chan,” he whispered to her. The girl fully opened her eyes. A sweet smile came onto her face.
“Hey baby!” the girl whispered to him. Shone smiled back at her.
“Care for a swim?” he asked. Yulia looked at him surprised on that question.
“Really?” she asked. Her boyfriend nodded at her. Yulia didn't know what to say at first.
“B-But…” she managed to say at last. “I don't have a swimsuit!” Shone lightly put his finger to her lips. His girlfriend went quiet at his touch. The rich boy smiled at her.
“I've got it taken care of already,” he said softly. His girlfriend raised an eyebrow at him.
“How?” she asked. The boy grinned at her fondly.
“Follow me,” he whispered to her. He left the living room. Yulia followed close behind. They came upstairs to a closed bedroom door. Yulia looked on confused.
“What is this” she asked. Shone turned to her smiling.
“This is Kaneko's old room,” he replied. “Wait here!” Shone opened the door and went inside. Yulia watched on in silence. Shone came back out with a lime green and pale pink two-piece swimsuit. His girlfriend looked on slightly confused. Shone smiled at her warmly.
“You like it?” he asked. “It's one of my sister's old swimsuits. I think it'll look great on you.” Yulia looked at it for a moment. She didn't seem too sure about it at first. But, Shone made the suit look so good…
“Alright,” Yulia replied. “I'll try it.” Her boyfriend smiled at her.
“I'll get dressed in my room,” he said. Then, Shone handed his girl the swimsuit and they both headed in different directions to change.
In three minutes, the couple came back to each other. Shone looked pretty hot in his swim trunks. A smile came to his face.
“You look hot!” he called out. Yulia blushed at him. She tried to keep her cool composure.
“Yeah,” she replied. “Let's just go!” Shone nodded at his love easily.
“Fine with me,” he said. They headed out to the pool. Shone unlocked the gate and they went into the backyard. The couple slowly entered the pool. The nice swim started off simple enough. Then came the questions.
“Yulia-chan,” Shone spoke up on the rubber raft.
“Hm?” his girlfriend replied on another rubber raft.
“Are you really happy here?” her boyfriend asked. Yulia looked up at him caught off guard. She didn't know what to say at first. The ruffian thought about that. She shrugged at last.
“Sometimes,” Yulia said at last. “As long as you're here.” Shone nodded at her.
“I see,” he replied. “What do you think about life here?”
“It's okay, I guess…” Yulia replied.
“What do you mean?” Shone asked. His girl loosed over at him.
“Well,” she began. “I just feel out of place here. You're a spoiled little rich boy and I grew up on the wrong side of the tracks so to speak.”
“So?” Shone asked. Yulia shrugged at him.
“How is it even possible that we could even be together?” she asked outright. Shone smiled at her kindly. He knew the answer to that one already.
“Don't know,” he said. “But I love it!” Yulia looked at him again.
“Really now?” she asked.
“Yeah!” Shone called without having to think. His girl smiled at him warmly.
“Thanks Shone-kun!” she called to him. Her boyfriend grinned at her. He splashed her playfully. Yulia squealed aloud.
“Hey!” the wild girl cried. “I'll get you for that!” Then, she splashed him back. Shone glared at her playfully.
“Oh it's on now!” he yelled out loud in a matching tone. He splashed her right back. Battle commenced in seconds. That's how the rest of the day went. Splash fights and talking are a good way to kill time in a pool on a Sunday afternoon.