Ah My Goddess Fan Fiction ❯ Way of the Ya ❯ Vol. Two, Chapter Eleven: Thin Lines ( Chapter 11 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Thin Lines
Yulia still had a problem at her new place. Shone's younger sister, Juri, still hated her. Why? She's modeled after her mother. Kimi always looked down upon her son's girlfriend. That woman had always been a snob. Her daughter thought the same way. As a result, Juri treated Yulia more like a servant than a guest. The Russian-Japanese girl couldn't take it at all. Oh how she wanted to hit that damn brat so much! But no! She had to be nice at Shone's request! Boy, playing the good girl sucked sometimes. Today wasn't helping either.
No school today. Shone had to go shopping with Kimi today. Koto went on a school trip. So, just Yulia and Juri at home today. Great fun there. Not! The girls did their best to avoid each other. Yulia hid in Shone's room. Great plan—at first. Pretty soon, the thug got bored. She didn't know what to do. But then, a dark thought crossed her mind.
“Go torture that Juri-brat!” the thought told her. Yulia shook her head of it. “No,” she thought. “It's just not worth it!
“And why not?” a voice asked her out loud. The girl looked up right away. Urd sat in the window smirking at her. Yulia rolled her eyes at her.
“Who the hell are you?!?” she snapped. “And why do you care?” Urd smiled at her still.
“Passing through,” she said. Yulia looked away.
“Whatever,” she hissed. Urd watched on curious. A smirk came onto her face.
“Boyfriend's kid sister being a little bitch, huh?” she asked. Yulia looked up right away.
“Why do you care?!?” she hissed. “What's it to you??” Urd shrugged at her.
“Just saying!” she called.
“Well, don't!!” Yulia hissed once more. Urd looked on at her. The thug's curiosity grew again. She looked over at Urd again.
“Why,” Yulia spoke up. “What did you have in mind?” Urd grinned on boldly. She leaned in close to Yulia's ear and whispered her solution. The Russian-Japanese girl grinned at that. She turned to Urd.
“Perfect!” the girl called. “I love it!”
“Love what?” a voice asked her. Yulia looked up right away. Juri looked at her coldly in the doorway. The Russian-Japanese girl sat up caught off guard some.
“Uh…” she lied. “Nothing! What the hell are you doing here anyway, you little brat?” Juri rolled her eyes as she looked on flatly.
“Whatever,” she hissed. The girl turned away and left. “Freak!” she mumbled under her breath. “I still think Shone-kun got duped into dating such a loser! Pathetic!” Yulia's ears shot up at that one.
“What did you say?!?” she barked. Juri paused and turned around smirking.
“Nothing,” she replied. “Just wondering how Shone-kun could fall for someone so crass, ugly, and stupid as you!”
“You bitch!” Yulia screamed. She leapt forward and tackled the girl. Both began to fight. Urd watched on smirking. “Maybe that was a little too much,” she thought. Did it matter? She's got her money's worth in the end!
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