Ah My Goddess Fan Fiction ❯ Way of the Ya ❯ Vol. Two, Chapter Thirteen: Blister in the Sun ( Chapter 13 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Blister in the Sun
Rich living is boring. Yulia laid on the floor and groaned.
“Bored!” she complained. The rich city is not her home. She needed to get out again. The thug rolled onto her stomach.
That might work, she thought. Yulia sat up. She smirked as her plan formed in her brain.
“Shone-kun!” she called. She listened for footsteps. Her boyfriend poked his head in the doorway.
“Yes?” he asked. Yulia pulled her knees to her chest.
“Let’s get out of here!” she said. Shone blinked at her.
“Why?” he asked. His girlfriend leapt to her feet. Her grin made him chuckle nervously.
“Yulia-chan,” he said. “What are you plotting?” His girlfriend walked over to him. She patted him on the shoulder.
“Let’s go,” she whispered. Yulia dragged him with her before he could argue. One written note later and they were out the door.
Shone looked around at the bus station.
“So, where are we going?” he asked. Yulia shrugged.
“Anywhere,” she said.
“Anywhere?” he asked. His girlfriend nodded.
“That’s right!” she said. Shone still didn’t understand.
“But why?” he asked. The bus pulled up before Yulia could speak. She grinned and took him by the arm. The thug paid the far and the bus rolled away. Shone looked around him. His girlfriend noticed his face.
“What?” she asked.
“I can’t remember the last time I rode a bus,” he said. Yulia’s eye grew big at his words.
“What?!?” she asked. Shone nodded. Yulia sat back in her seat.
“Damn,” she muttered. The girlfriend turned to him.
“You need to get out more,” she said. “She’s got you smothered.” Her boyfriend only shrugged. Yulia shook her head.
Meanwhile, Kimi came home from shopping.
“Shone-kun!” she called. “I’m home!” She took off her shoes at the door.
“I bought you something!” she yelled. Silence greeted her. Kimi looked around.
“Baby?” she asked. “Baby, where are you? Shone-kun?” She began to worry.
No…, she thought.
The bus pulled up at the last stop. Shone and Yulia got off. The latter waved as the bus driver drove off. Her boyfriend turned to her.
“Now what?” he asked. His girl shrugged.
“Don’t know,” she said. Shone raised an eyebrow at her.
“Don’t know?” he asked.
“Just walk,” she said. She began to do so herself.
“Hey wait!” Shone yelled. “Wait up!” He jogged to catch up with her. She only glanced over at him.
“Keep up, man,” Yulia told him. She held out her hand to him afterwards. Shone took it and they kept walking. Shone looked through the empty heat.
“So where are we going?” he asked again. Yulia dropped her shoulders.
“Again with the questions?” she asked. “Why can’t you just trust me on this?”
“Uh…” he said.
“Please?” she asked. Shone tried to make himself smile.
“Okay…” he said. Yulia paused and looked down the road. She smiled at the heat.
“Sweet,” she said.
“What?” her boyfriend asked. Yulia held up her arm to flag down a vegetable truck coming up the road. The old truck pulled up to a stop. The driver rolled down his window.
“What?” he asked. Yulia stepped forward.
“Let us get a ride,” she said.
“What?” he asked.
“Let us get a ride,” Yulia repeated. She motioned over at her boyfriend as well. The driver narrowed his eyes at them.
“To where?” he asked.
“Doesn’t matter,” she said. The driver didn’t look convinced.
“For how much?” he asked.
“I’ll give you 5,000 Yen.,” Yulia said. The man’s face didn’t change.
“Alright,” he said. “Hop in back.”
“Sweet!” she said. Yulia bowed and paid the driver. She and Shone climbed into the back. He wrinkled his nose.
“Smells like cabbage,” he said. The boy looked around.
“Oh,” he said as he saw all of the cabbage around. Yulia peered up at him.
“Oh come on,” she said. “Live a little, rich boy!” Her boyfriend made a free at her.
“How?” he asked.
“Relax and enjoy the ride,” was all she said. Shone opened his mouth, but his girlfriend stopped him.
“Ent!” she said. “Shhh! Relax and enjoy.” Shone tried to speak again, but she stopped him. Finally, the boy went quiet. Yulia smiled.
“Good,” she said. Then, the truck pulled away. Shone dropped his shoulders. Well, we’re going on now, he thought.
The ride went oddly smooth. Shone had gotten used to the smell and the bumps in the rocky pavement.
“Hm,” he said. “Not too bad.” Yulia had already gone to sleep. He shook his head and smiled.
Yulia…, he thought.
Kimi found the note on the side table in the living room.
“Huh?” she asked. “What’s this?” She picked up the paper and read it.
I’ve got your son. Don’t bother paying a ransom or calling the police! By back by sundown.
Kimi gritted her teeth.
“THAT LITTLE BITCH!!!” She could be heard from the whole neighborhood.
On the road…
“Yulia-tan,” Shone said. “Can we stop the truck?” His girlfriend opened one eye.
“Why?” she asked.
“I’ve got to pee,” her boyfriend said.
“So?” she asked. “Just go.” Shone gave her an odd look.
“Wait, he said. “Now? Off the back of this truck? While moving?”
“Yeah,” she said. Shone still stared.
“But…” he began. Yulia rolled over to turn away.
“I won’t watch,” she said. “Just do it.” Shone hesitated at first. He lowered his shoulders in the end. What choice did he have?
When he was done, Shone laid down next to his girl.
“Mom’s gonna be pissed,” he said.
“Screw her!” Yulia said. Her boyfriend eyed her.
“You sure?” he asked.
“Yeah,” she said. “Now let me sleep.” Shone drew his mouth closed as his girlfriend closed to her eyes to go back to sleep.
Okay, he thought with a shrug. They both kept riding along the uneven pavement.
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