Ah My Goddess Fan Fiction ❯ Way of the Ya ❯ Vol. Two, Chapter Fifteen: Samurai Archer ( Chapter 15 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Samurai Archer

Yulia drew her bow in the backyard. Today looked simple enough. Nobody to bother her, nothing important to do, and nothing pissing her off. Yulia took in a deep breath. She would only get this chance today.

The first arrow hit the middle rind of the target. She saw it as a warning shot.

“That's one,” Yulia said to herself. She drew her bow. The second shot came closer to the bullseye. Five inches off. Yulia puffed up her cheeks. She drew another bow.

Whispering filled her right ear. Yulia's eyes glanced left and right. She tried to ignore it and draw her bow. The whispering filled her left ear. Yulia turned her head.

“Hello” she asked. The vast yard was empty. Kimi and the girls went shopping this morning. Shone went to a friend's house. She was supposed be alone, right?

Yulia drew her bow and the whispering grew louder. The archer gritted his teeth.

“Okay!” she shouted. “I know you're out here. I can hear you, you know? Come out and show yourself!”

A violent invisible wave struck her in the face.

Fire swirled in the sky. Yulia's vision went in and out of focus. The sound of horse hooves ran past her. An army of white horses looked out on a giant red hill. Their riders wore black and orange samurai armor. The commander rose his sword in the air.

“Go!” he shouted. The samurai warriors rode up the hill. Yulia saw an army of brown horses and samurai in blue armor awaited them. The battles disappeared in flashes of lights. Yulia couldn't hear a sound. The armies still fought with the blood blending into the hill and grass.

Why am I seeing this? Yulia's eyes darted around, trying to keep up with the action.

Then one soldier caught her eye.

A young woman in black and orange armor rode through the chaotic battle. She drew her bow and shot arrows at the enemy. Yulia only got one look at her face. She covered her open mouth.

Is that… me?

The female warrior rode back into the battle. However, her ride didn't last long. Yulia felt herself being stabbed in the chest with a sword. The female samurai fell off her horse and landed on the blood-covered ground.

Yulia opened her eyes back in reality. She looked around, sweating. It was then she realized that sun was going down. Yulia put her hand to her chest and blinked.

What was that? The vision she saw felt too real to her. She shook her head and went inside.

Yulia couldn't forget about what she saw that day.

Samurai Warrior Girl