Angelic Layer Fan Fiction ❯ Shades of a Sky ❯ Crystal and Midnight ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Shades of a Sky
Crystal and Midnight

A/N: I've always wanted to write a back-story of my AL character, and this is my attempt. Note--I update pretty slowly, and Iím not bashing the other shows and whatnot here. *sigh* ~text~ = thought speak. /text/ = emphasized/thoughts. AL belongs to CLAMP, my character belongs to me. Yay. So, ah, please tell me what you think. It only helps, ya know?

She had always been a shy, quiet girl, read the note in a lavender-haired mind. Crystal-blue eyes always kept a watch on the completely covered figure that took its sweet time in the stuffed animal aisles of Piffle Princess.

The predator smirked. Her hair certainly wasnít lavender anymore. She wondered if the black hair and icy eyes would give her prey a scare--shades forbid the stuffed bird collector was older than she!

"Can I help you, Miss Veras?"

Her prey turned to answer and rewarded Myrra with a gasp of surprise. "Y-your hair isnít lavender today," she mumbled.

"Hardly," Myrra grinned, looking at the other carefully. ~Hell,~ she thought, ~Minaelís upset again.~ Her dark eyes and the visible areas of her nose were tinged with pink, and the hair, whose true colour remained elusive, was tied back messily and almost entirely concealed by the light blue scarf, black coat and the white fluffy lining of the girlís hood which was pulled over the head.

"Anything new?"

The young clerk sighed. "Stuffed animals arenít as popular as they used to be. Angelic Layer has hit Canada for good this time."

That Minael knew. Three years ago, Angelic Layer spread like wildfire into North America, sweeping the US on a larger scale than the Pokémon phenomenon. Naturally, it would eventually creep into Canada. A year was all it needed, but was firmly rejected by concerned parents worrying about the violence they could not expose to their sheltered children.

~I never heard complaints about Power Rangers. If that show isnít classified as violent...and considering what kids /do/ watch these days, thatís surprising.~ Minael shook her head. Angelic Layer most definitely made a comeback, though the popularity wasnít nearly as high as in the US. Shades, they even had national tournaments.

"Why donít you try your hand at it?" Myrra offered hopefully, interrupting Minaelís train of thoughts.

Minael looked at the Angelic Layer section. It wasnít a cheap hobby, that was for sure. She, or rather, her family, had the money for her to indulge herself in this possible new interest. She tried to go over possible pros and cons. She /could/ relinquish her current task of purchasing a new stuffed bird and take an Angel Egg instead. She could.

Would she?

Myrra went over the scene impatiently. Heck, sheíd buy one for her if her patience wore off. She didnít see any harm in it, and thought perhaps Minael would like a welcome change from lifeless stuffed birds. Correction--stuffed birds filled with unhappiness. Minael was never very happy when she came to purchase a stuffed bird. The girl probably had an extraordinary large collection by now.

"I donít think I could raise an angel," the subject of her attention said with a sigh. "Thank you for attempting to assist me." Her voice was flat and final. Myrra didnít try. One doesnít make progress with teens speaking in such a tone.

"I try," Myrra breathed, as Minael went out the door without her usual stuffed bird purchase. As soon as the potential customer was out of sight, she went to the Angelic Layer section, closed her eyes, and selected an egg.

Her reasoning: there was no way a teenage girl could be satisfied with stuffed animals. She was going to seduce this girl into the realm of angels.

She looked upon the egg she had chosen, checking the labels carefully. A small one in particular encouraged a smile from the clerk.

"Artificial intelligence enabled and ready to be programmed."