Angels Fan Fiction ❯ Cumbersome ❯ Cumbersome ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
He moved eloquently between the waves of energy that were being fired at him and slipped under his enemy's arm with ease. These weaker of the Seraphim were always so easy. Long range they were tough enough but when you managed to get in their faces they were as good as dead. The once brave Seraphim ducked as he reached an arm out for his face but it was no use. He bent over his shaking form and touched his blackened fingers to his forehead. Darkness spread over the pure creature's innocent face and seeped into his eyes as he laughed at his misfotune. When would their great God learn that he was uncontrollable? No matter what measures he took he would not cease to exist. Though he had been driven onto this spinning ball of dirt and forced to live among those he hated most he would never cease to exist. This he was certain the Morning Star knew quite well and these attempts to rid the human's once pure paradise of his prescence were merely a facade. Nothing but a way to build up false security for his angels.
He flexed his fingers as the darkness slipped back into his pores and left his hand as human as it had been before the attack. He was standing in the midst of a dark alley way and the streets had been fairly vacant all night. He knew this was why they'd risked attacking him in such a populated area however it had not worked in the past and it would never work as long as he held power equal that of his punisher. He turned on his heel and began to walk away when he suddenly felt a strange pulse go through his body. He stopped short and listened intently, closing his eyes as the walls on either side of him seemed to melt. He opened them to a bright light of such purity that it made him sick. He turned around once again to face his newest opponet. She was draped in white robes as many of the Arch Angels tended to be and her wings were the scource of the disgusting light. He knew this angel rather well and had once been very close to her.
"Gabriel." he whispered. "Turn that infernal light off."
"I will not."
"Why do you come before me? Do you intend to slay me? You know as well as I that you can not."
"I realize this. I only come to speak with the Fallen One."
"Speak? Since when do the unsoiled tongues of God's servants engage in conversation with the forked tongue of the devil himself?"
She folded her wings at last and the light around him faded away slowly but it did not seem to go completely out. He couldn't even see the alley around him and he knew instantly that she had trapped him within Purgatory if only for a moment. Had her God known about this Lucifer could have bet his life that he'd sooner strike her down than allow it. It was tampering with his sentence after all. He walked around her slowly and she watched him with suspicious eyes. He grinned at her nervousness and his barefeet left strange, blurred prints behind him as he walked. The soles of his feet were caked with the dirt of his never ending journey over the surface of the earth and neither in body nor soul could he wash them clean. Never again would his wings shine with the light that Gabriel's still held but he was far more satisfied with his darkness than he had ever been with the light. He stopped behind her and she waited for a few moments to turn and face him again. He supposed this was her way of showing some kind of trust.
"Speak." he hissed. "Before your God punishes you."
"Lucifer, why did you rebel against the Omega? Why did you rile the Morning Star and send his rage aflame so that all that existed in the universe suffered for your mistake?"
Though she remained as still and celestial as ever, her posture never faltering, she begged him with those beautiful eyes. She begged him for the answer to an unanswerable question. Why had he rebelled against the Almighty? Why had he ever gone against that which had created him? Was it really the favoritism he saw in his creator's eyes whenever he gazed upon the humans? Had it ever been the favoritism at all? He couldn't recall anymore what had possessed him to rise against his Father. His unfair rule, his selfish ways or perhaps the iron fist with which he controled them all. Was it merely the humans in the end? Had they driven him to disobey his Creator or had it been the Creator himself that had driven him into rebellion? Lucifer smirked at Gabriel's pleading face and turned his back to her, staring into the nothingness that was Purgitory. She had gone through such great lengths to speak with him. She had most likely pondered this question for all this time and he was somewhat sad to disappoint her. He turned again to stare into her pure, white eyes and grinned. The grin stretched to an unnatural length and darkness was etched over that smile. It spilled out of his eyes as he began to exit Purgitory and he answered her as he melted away before her eyes.
"Your god....has become cumbersome."
Gabriel watched as her once close friend faded away, leaving her in nothingness. Alone. She fell to her knees, wings folding over her entire body as she held herself with those pale arms so free of filth and sin. She had cherished Lucifer as a brother once. She wanted more than anything for him to repent and be forgiven. Perhaps if he would only repent God would forgive him and things would be as they were before. She had held on to that hope for so long but now she saw that Lucifer did not want to come back. Lucifer was proud of what he had done and he would never repent. So she cried all alone in Purgitory and in the human's world it began to rain. Lucifer stopped his steady pace and turned to stare up into the sky, thrusting his hands into his leather jacket.
"An angel is crying." he whispered emotionlessly. "Pitiful creature."