Animaniacs Fan Fiction ❯ Yakko's Curse ❯ Stevenson ( Chapter 3 )

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Yakko laughed happily as they ran from Ralph. He ducked and weaved before setting up an anvil trap. He spun around and stood still, his siblings beside him. The trap was sprung and the anvil fell, causing the Warners to laugh.

"Eesh, that's got ta sting," Yakko said comically.

"I wouldn't do that!" Plotz's voice suddenly yelled from behind them.

"Yakko Warner?" a soft voice asked.

The toon turned. "Yeah, who's…askin'…"

Yakko stared blankly at the man in front of him. He looked like…but he couldn't jump to conclusions. No, killing the wrong man would be bad. Besides, the man he was thinking of had to dead, or on the brink of it, now. Then the person in front of him said the wrong thing.

"I'm Johnny Stevenson. My grandfather is one of the people who animated you."

Yakko's eyes turned red and he growled low in his throat moving his hand down to the waistband of his pants.

"I have a message to you from him, as he didn't think seeing you directly was a good idea."

"Sending your ass here wasn't a good move either," Yakko said, stretching out his pants and pulling a sharp blade. "'Cause he's never going to see you again."

Johnny paled and backed up. "Please, Yakko. He's sorry."

"He will be."

"Yakko?" Dot asked in a confused voice. "I can't feel my zany."

"Me either," Wakko said, grabbing his sister and backing up at the sight of the blade. "And this isn't the time for a blade. More like for a hand buzzer."

"No, dear brother. It's time for a blade."

Johnny gasped as the sharp edge of the knife was pressed up against the soft part of his chin. When he tried to back up, Yakko pierced his skin and a trickle of blood began to drip down. The human began to shake.

"Please, he really is sorry. He never meant for you three to come to life! They never would have made you suffer with that past if you were going to come to life."

"Suffer? Our brother doesn't suffer."

"Shut up, Dot," Yakko spat, pressing the knife harder into the man's skin; more blood rushed down.

Dot and Wakko looked afraid. "Yakko, ya gotta stop! You haven't done this for years and you're scaring us."

"Bye bye, Johnny," Yakko said, and was about to ram the knife up, but a hand pressed on his.

"Give me the knife, Yakko."

The boy turned to see Dr. Scratchansniff. "Why should I? He deserves to die."

"For vat his grandfazer did?"

Yakko frowned. Damn that made sense. But when did he care about what made sense?

"Yes, that's what he deserves."

"You're not zinking clearly, Yakko. Come to my office and ve'll talk about it."

"I'm going to kill him first."

"No, you're not. You're going to give me zhe knife and come to my office."

Yakko stared at the doctor and they had a standoff with their eyes. The doctor finally won and Yakko pulled the knife out and handed it to him.

"Come now, valk vith me."

Yakko followed, giving one last deadly look at the man before docilely following his doctor back to his office. He sighed and gestured at the couch.

"Yakko, vat vas that?" Dr. Scratchansniff asked once they were settled.

"Me trying to kill a man," the boy said honestly. "And I would have succeeded if you hadn't stopped me."

"I cannot allow you to kill zomebody. It isn't right."

"It seemed right to me. If it wasn't for Stevenson, I wouldn't suffer with nightmares, I wouldn't have waking dreams, I would be normal.

"Zink of it zis vay, Yakko," the doctor said after a very long pause. "Vithout zis Stevenson fellow, you vouldn't be zany, and you and your siblings vould indeed be normal. And if you vere normal zen you wouldn't be a cartoon. Zat means you vouldn't exist."

Yakko relaxed back on the couch and thought about it. "Hm," he said softly. "I suppose you're right…But to make me suffer like that? There could have been an easier way to make us zany that didn't involve abuse and murder and decimating a couple of fresh corpses."

"Zere could have been, for sure, but who knows how zat vould have affected your personality."

Yakko groaned. "Stop making sense, doc. Please?"

The doctor laughed, standing up and settling on the edge of the couch. "I'm afraid I cannot do zat, Yakko. You're experiences make you, you. If you hadn't gone zrough everyzing that you did, or…vat vas written into you at least, zan you vouldn't be you."

Yakko turned to smile at the man. "You're great doc. But I still feel like killing him."

"How about in a couple hours, I bring him in here for a nice long chat. For now, you zleep. You look exhausted."

Yakko nodded. "Okay, doc. Sounds good."

There was a pounding on the door, making both of them jump.

"Scratchansniff! Open this damned door!"

The doctor was in front of the door in under two seconds. He pulled it open and Plotz stormed in, +jerking the still bleeding Stevenson in the room. Dot and Wakko dashed in, too, going for Yakko.

"What the hell is wrong with that Warner?! Attacking my special guest?! And look at who it is! He should be bowing down to this man, thanking him profusely for what his grandfather did!"

"Oh, for ruining my damned life?!" Yakko demanded, standing to his feet; his eyes were red again.

"HE CREATED YOUR LIFE!" Plotz bellowed.

Yakko's hands tightened viciously on the couch and fire shot out of his eyes. There was an almighty crack as the wood splintered in his hands. He stood and flung his hands out, sending the shards flying toward the grouchy man. They pinned him neatly to the wall.

"The man that created me deserves to burn in the fiery depths of hell for all eternity for what he did to me," Yakko said through clenched teeth.

"Yakko?" Wakko asked in a scared tone of voice, grabbing his hand. "You-you're bleeding."

"Yeah? So what?" Yakko growled as he walked over to Plotz. Dr. Scratchansniff was suddenly in front of him.

"Stop Yakko. Now."

"You better give me one helluva good reason."

"Because your brozer and zister are vatching."

Yakko relaxed slightly, glancing back at his siblings. They were huddled together, staring at him with pure fear in their eyes. The eldest Warner knew what he wanted to do to Plotz, and the Stevenson fellow, but he couldn't. Not in front of Wakko and Dot. So he stormed back over to the couch and plopped down, glaring at the CEO.

"Now," the doctor said. "Mr. Stevenson, you stay. Mr. Plotz, get out of here and take zhe younger Varners back to their tover."

"No!" Wakko and Dot exclaimed. "We want—"

"I do not care vat you vant!" Dr. Scratchansniff shouted. "Now, do as I say!"

They all jumped at the tone in the normally kind doctor's voice. Plotz heaved with all his strength, but couldn't move.

"I can't," he grumbled.

The doctor didn't dare try his zaniness. He wasn't good enough. And he didn't think asking Yakko was a good idea…

"Vakko, Dot, please free Mr. Plotz."

They scurried forward and held out their hands, but for the first time anybody had ever seen, nothing happened. The doctor took a deep breath.

"Yakko? Please?"

Yakko stood up and strode over. He held out his hands, bringing everybody's attention to the bloody gloves that covered his hands. Without any warning, the hands jerked back and the splinters exploded out of the wall. With a graceful arc, they reformed to the couch and the piece of furniture was whole again.


He went and sat back down. Wakko and Dot were latched onto his legs. The doctor frowned.

"Out, children," he said gently.

"Where will we go?" Dot asked.

"Y-yeah," Wakko whimpered. "We can't get into water tower because…"

Yakko reached into his pants and handed Wakko a square.

"Here. It's my power, not yours. You won't be able to get out until I return."

"Yak..." Wakko whimpered.

Yakko frowned. "Go, Wakko."

They walked out with their tails between their legs. Plotz looked back, very concerned, but left. After the door had closed behind them, the doctor had the nurse bring in some first aid supplies. He then fixed up Johnny's chin. When he reached for Yakko's gloves, the toon pulled back.

"Yakko, vhy do you vear gloves?"

"Just a habit I picked up. I don't like looking at my bare hands. I always see my fur sticky and wet."

"Does it affect you that badly?" Johnny asked, slowly, hesitantly approaching.

Yakko allowed the doctor to take off his gloves and treat and bandage his hands as he gave the other man an even stare.

"I have nightmares. I have waking dreams. I hallucinate."

"I'm sorry. And so is my grandfather."

"I should forgive him. But how can I? So much death and gore…"

"I know it is hard, Yakko, but I believe you should forgive him," the doctor said as he set the rest of the first aid supplies on his desk.

"I know. But it's so very hard…"

Yakko fell silent, staring at the floor. He tried to sort through his feelings. It was so difficult to will himself to forgive Stevenson. He was the main person who had come up with his tragic backstory. He sighed, looking up.

"I…I can't forgive him until he asks me directly. But I am sorry I tried to kill you."

"I understand. Somewhat. Grandfather never really told me what happened, except that you were suffering for it."

"Do you really want to know?" Yakko asked slowly.

"Now Yakko, you don't have to show him anyzing," Dr. Scratchansniff said gently.

"I know. But it's time somebody who was related to it, saw it."

"If you are sure, zen I von't ztop you."

"So do you?"

"I feel like I owe it to you."

Yakko took a deep breath and the good doctor pulled Johnny over to stand beside him. Dr. Scratchansniff took Yakko's hand and the dimly lit memory settled around them. They watched through the whole memory silently, though Stevenson looked horrified. The memory started to crack and Yakko moaned in pain. The doctor massaged his shoulders.

"Come now, Yakko. You can do it."

Yakko took several deep breaths and began to seal the cracks. He managed to do it, letting out a gasp as the memory continued forward. He felt utterly exhausted by the time he and his siblings walked into the darkness. He collapsed into Dr. Scratchansniff's arms.

"Wunderbar, Yakko! Absolutely wunderbar!" the doctor exclaimed excitedly as he helped the Warner brother onto the couch. "You actually managed to ztay togezer zis time!"

"Thanks," the boy said weakly, relaxing back.

"Y-Yakko…I'm sorry," Johnny whispered.

"I know." He closed his eyes and yawned. "Tell your grandfather I will forgive him, but I have to see him first and hear his apology from his own lips. Okay?"

"I will definitely pass on that message. Expect him in a few days."

"I shall. Now…sleep…"

"Of course, Yakko. Rest now," the doctor said placing a pillow under the toon's head and covering him up with a blanket.

Yakko fell asleep almost immediately. Johnny looked at Dr. Scratchansniff.

"He really didn't mean for them to come to life. He just made Yakko's zany power way too strong."

"Hopefully, ven he apologizes, it vill heal the poor boy a bit. He vill alvays have zhe nightmares, and he vill alvays be zany. But I'm villing to help him for as long as I can."

Johnny nodded. "I'll leave you to it, then. See you in a few days."

He left and Dr. Scratchansniff was about to sit down when he heard a soft noise. It sounded like a whimper. Then there was the sound of a sniffle.

"No," he whispered in horror.

He followed the noises then peaked under the couch. There, huddled together, was Wakko and Dot. The doctor growled out a curse word then gently pulled the two distressed Warners out from under the piece of furniture. He didn't dare wake Yakko yet. The two children clutched at him, crying hard. He needed a place to comfort them. He waved his hand as well as he could and the floor started rippling. Wakko and Dot turned.

"Again," Wakko said brokenly. "Do it again, but concentrate harder."

Dr. Scratchansniff set the two Warners down and waved his hand harder. To his delight, another couch started forming out of the floor. He focused all his attention on the partially formed piece of furniture and felt the tingling sensation almost consume him. For the first time, nothing bad happened as he succeeded. He let out a shaky breath and led the two children over to the new couch, sitting down and pulling them onto his lap.

"Now, little vones, how much did you zee?"

"Everything," Wakko said quietly.

"Ah. I zee. I…I'm sorry, Yakko didn't vant you to find out, especially not like zis."

"He c-cut up…but he said that we didn't have a mommy and daddy…" Dot muttered then sobbed softly.

"Zis is exactly vhy he said zat."

The two Warners went silent, save for soft sobs and sniffles. The doctor held them lightly until they fell asleep then tucked them gently beside Yakko. The human then went to work on a few things. Several hours later, Yakko stepped in front of his desk, startling him.

"Oh! Yakko, I didn't realize you vere avake."

"They know." The toon's voice was devoid of any emotions.

"Yes," Dr. Scratchansniff said, looking away from the boy.

"I…I'm going to make a huge dinner. That always helps. What do you want?"

"Oh…How about sauerbraten?"

Yakko smiled. "Sure. We've tried pretty much every kind of food, so I'm sure I have a recipe for that."

Two hours later, the feast was set, and as the last couple dishes hit the long table that Yakko had conjured, Wakko and Dot woke up. They both looked at the food then at Yakko before averting their eyes. Yakko approached them hesitantly.

"I know you two are hungry. We skipped breakfast, Dot, and Wakko only ate a little."

They shyly stood and walked over to the table. Yakko waved Dr. Scratchansniff over and they all dug in. Just when the doctor thought he couldn't eat anymore, desserts came out. He sighed in delight when it was over and the younger Warner siblings did, too. They looked at Yakko, who was still pushing around a few potatoes. He hadn't eaten a single bite.

"Yakko, please eat zomezing," Dr. Scratchansniff said softly.

"I'm not hungry," he said, resolutely looking down at his plate. He actually felt a little sick.

"He won't eat until we talk about it," Dot said.

"Yeah. That's about how this goes," Wakko said with a nod.

"Oh. Zo who ztarts?" There was no response so Dr. Scratchansniff hummed. "Alright, I vill choose who ztarts. Vakko, tell your brozer vat you zaw."

"I…He knows what I saw," Wakko said softly. "And I…remember…Dad hitting me in the head. I was so little, so very little. And after that, I couldn't talk right for a long time."

"Mommy used to smoke," Dot said then shivered. "I used to cough a lot, to the point where I'd throw up. She'd get really mad at me and spank me. I never really understood why, either."

"That's one of the reasons I lied to you. I didn't want you to remember what they did to you."

"I'd rather remember than have you lie to us, Yakko," Wakko said, moving to sit on his big brother's lap.

"Oof!" Yakko said dramatically. "C'mon Wakko! You're heavy after you eat!"

Wakko and Dot laughed, and the female Warner sibling dashed over and sat on the other side.

"Pure cuteness!" Yakko said, wrapping his arm around them.

"Of course I am," Dot said importantly.

Yakko sighed and snuggled close. "I'm sorry sibs. I just wanted to protect you." There was a pause. "Doc?"

"Yes Yakko?"

"You're probably going to have to start seeing all three of us. I'm almost sure they'll start having nightmares of repressed memories."

"It's alright, Yakko. I'm perfectly villing to help you out."

"Thanks." Yakko paused. "You know you're a lot like the father our dad wasn't."

Dr. Scratchansniff felt his cheeks warm. "Well…Zank you, Yakko. Zat means a lot to me." There was yet another pause. "Um, let's talk about you kidzes. Are you alright?"

Dot and Wakko shook their heads. Yakko flinched, hugging his brother and sister tight.

"Let us go, Yak," Wakko said. "Eat something. You haven't eaten all day."

"I'm not hungry," he muttered.

"Eat," Dot said as she and Wakko peeled themselves off him.

Wakko cleaned off the cold food and scooped some hot chicken and mashed potatoes smothered in brown gravy on the plate. Yakko swallowed convulsively, but when his siblings looked at him with that 'eat or else' look, he slowly began to eat the mashed potatoes. He was sure he would hurl after the first few bites, but hunger took him over and he ate a very good portion of the remaining food. He finished and sat there, reluctant to move.

"What else do you remember?" he finally asked.

"It's all a jumbled mess right now," Wakko said thoughtfully. "But none of it seems very good."

"Pain. I remember lots of pain. Right here," Dot said tracing a long line down her arm.

"You sliced your arm open. I had to bandage you up because our parents were too high."

"Vell, I vill be here for you if you ever need to talk," the doctor said softly.

They nodded, and Yakko repeated, "I'm sure they will."

"I'm here for you, too, Yakko," Dr. Scratchansniff said with a nod.

"Thanks doc. I think we're going to rest for the rest of the day. Mind if we stay here?"

"Not at all. Just try to be qviet for a vhile. I need to get some paperwork done."

They nodded and Yakko pulled out a card game. The doctor watched as they began to play. Healing would take time. A lot of time. But he would be there for as long as he could be.

Chapter 2
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