Arc The Lad Fan Fiction ❯ Aftermath ❯ Chapter 8 ( Chapter 8 )

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Chapter 8


The clearing the Owl was moored in was larger then it looked from above. A small stream ran through it and several trees covered with pink or white flowers lined it. The grass was thick and dotted with brightly colored flowers, neither the flowered trees or the flowers were familiar to any of the Deimos.

Everyone got down from the Pyron and it shrank to a smaller size. "Wait here, we might need you," Kharg told it. He carried Darc to a large rock, lowered him to the ground, then helped him sit down. "No sense carrying you all the way inside until we find out if we can use the Owl or not." He followed Ganz and Tatjana inside.

Darc sighed and shifted to a more comfortable position. He glanced at the Pyron. It seemed to be laughing at him and he was sure it was smirking. The fact it seemed to be obeying Kharg was even more annoying. "Shut up."

The Pyron moved away towards the stream and settled down next to it, ignoring him.

Darc glared at it a final time then glanced around to see what the others were doing.

Maru and Bebedora had wandered down to the stream. Maru was talking and gesturing while Bebedora watched and listened.

Camellia had also wandered down to the stream. She was sitting under one of the trees with her back against the trunk. Her eyes were closed and she looked like she was talking though no one was close.

Volk was standing with Paulette and they were talking quietly together.

Lilia wandered through the clearing occasionally pausing to look at or smell a flower.

Delma emerged from the other side of the airship, touching it once and a while.

Darc wasn't surprised, it had been obvious the Orcon had been curious about the ship since they first saw it in the forest. All in all it seemed like all was well for now and Darc finally allowed himself to relax, even closing his eyes.

The wounds all still ached, but pain was not really a concern for Darc. He was used to pain after those many years of enduring Geedo's beatings. It was the fact he was forced to depend on others for the smallest things that aggravated him. He always had to depend on himself for everything and he hated not being able to handle himself. Soft footsteps drew his attention and he opened his eyes.

Delma walked up and stopped in front of him, holding a cup. "What the hell were you doing, taking a nap?" she asked.

"No, just thinking, what do you want?" Darc asked.

Delma held out the cup. "Kharg asked me to give this to you. It's supposed to kill the pain. He said that there’s better medical supplies in the ship and that Ganz wants to tend your leg again,” she said.

Darc accepted the cup. One whiff of the contents was almost enough to make him toss it aside. “This smells,” he grumbled. Taking a deep breath, he drank the potion all at once. “I never thought it was possible.”

“Never thought what was possible?” Delma asked.

“That anything could taste worse then Geedo’s idea of cooking,” Darc said disgustedly.

Delma stared then laughed. She sat down on the rock next to him.

That surprised him and he gave her a puzzled look. She hadn’t come that close for a long time.

Delma shifted until she was looking into Darc’s eyes and took a deep breath. “I don’t want to do it anymore,” she said.

Darc eyed her, slightly confused.

“Kill you, what’s done is done and I just want to start over. How about you?” Delma asked.

“I would like that. You were the only one in Orcoth to treat me like a Deimos and I appreciated it. So does this mean we have a truce?” Darc asked.

“Until you make me angry again,” Delma retorted.

“Which means the truce will last….about ten minutes,” Darc snorted.

Delma laughed again then frowned. “I’m sorry I stabbed you, Darc,” she said nervously.

“So am I…it hurt,” Darc remarked.

Delma looked at him and saw he was joking then smiled.

“I’m sorry too…for everything,” Darc added, turning serious.

There was a long awkward silence as both of them considered what had been said and tried to decide what else needed to be said.

Darc was just getting ready to say something when Lilia came up to them. She held up a red flower. “Look what I found, it’s a flame lily. I haven’t seen one in ages,” she said. “Isn’t it beautiful?”

Darc sighed. Sometimes Lilia had the most awful timing. “Yeah, sure,” he muttered unenthusiastically. He never could understand why Human women got so excited about flowers. He turned back to Delma, wanting to finish the conversation.

When he returned his attention to Delma she had already gotten up, tail twitching slightly in aggravation. She snorted then gave Darc a curt nod. "Meh, see you later, Darc," she growled. She gave Lilia a venomous look that she didn't bother to disguise. Turning, she kicked at the ground and walked back to the Owl, seeming enthralled with it once again.

Lilia blushed. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know…..I just..” she stammered as Darc glared at her.

Darc forced down his temper. “I know, I’d like to be alone now, if you don’t mind,” he half-growled.

Lilia smiled weakly and nodded then hurried off.

Eyes glowing crimson, Darc clenched his left hand into a fist and heard something crunch. Looking down, he realized he’d crushed the metal cup he’d still been holding. He dropped it. “Damn,” he muttered.


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