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Chapter 18


Darc was surprised when they didn't enter the town, it was in sight, but Rejak turned onto another path instead. They emerged into a absolutely huge clearing with four large buildings and courtyards.

Guards moved around the grounds, some paused to look over at them before continuing what they were doing. The group started across the grounds only to be stopped by a man in chain armor. He was taller than Ganz not heavy, but well muscled. He had chilly blue eyes and short brown hair. An old scar on his cheek that led from just below his eye to halfway to his mouth marked the left side of his face. “What’s…oh, it’s you, Rejak.” his gaze moved to Darc and he stared with interest. “Made a capture I see, and a very unusual one at that. Freeborn?”

"Hello to you too, Sword master Erik, he was with someone who had armed him and claimed to had lost his ownership papers, so I had to take him." Rejak gestured to one of the buildings. "Is Devon here?"

Erik shook his head. "No, he had business in town. He won't be back until morning. You know the procedure when you bring a capture and he's gone."

Rejak glanced at Darc and smirked. "Then let's get it done, I'm looking forward to a drink in the tavern to celebrate my new wealth to come."

Erik shrugged and led them to one of the buildings. He unlocked the door and led them inside.

Cells lined both sides of the hall. Erik went to one of the cells, unlocked the door and opened it. "Take of the shackles and get him inside. I have work to do."

Darc had froze when he'd realized how small the cell was. It was ten paces wide and ten paces long. All that was in it was a rough straw pallet and a privy pot. He didn't like it, but the remark about removing the shackles got his attention.

Rejak nodded and went over to Darc, grabbing his arm as the guards let go. He yanked Darc roughly into the cell and spun him around.

Darc heard a click and the shackles were pulled off. I'll die before I'll be someone's property again, he thought. Whirling, he lunged for Rejak's throat.

Rejak had expected anything, but that and awkwardly stumbled back. "Damn it!"

Darc cursed, knowing he wouldn't be able to get a grip on him. He lashed out with his claws.

"Ow! Get him!" Rejak yelled as his face and side of his throat were slashed by sharp claws.

Erik lunged for Darc.

Darc was out of the cell by only a couple of feet and he knew he must try to keep from being forced back into it. Somehow he managed to avoid Erik's lunge.

Erik stumbled as his momentum carried him past Darc, but he managed to stay on his feet.

Darc went after Rejak again, determined to tear him apart even if it was the last thing he did. Unfortunately Erik recovered from the stumble faster than Darc had thought. He was grabbed from behind and dragged back towards the cell.

"Don't force my hand to the point of having to kill you, Deimos," Erik grunted, pinning Darc's arms to his sides.

Darc growled. "I'd rather die than be a slave to one of you bastards!" He strained against the Human's grip, trying to break free. "Let go of me, damn you!"

Erik managed to turn, so Darc was facing the cell then released him and shoved him forward.

Darc was shoved into the cell by the surprising strength behind the push and there was a loud clang as the cell door was slammed shut. He was trapped!

Rejak was holding a cloth to the deep scratches on his neck as he glared at Darc. “Rotten half breed trash. You’ll have the defiance beaten out of you soon enough.”

Darc returned the glare and spat at him. “Go to hell, Human!”

Erik looked rather amused. "This one has spirit. He'd make a fine gladiator."

Rejak snorted. "He's to rare to waste like that. I was thinking a private auction with only the wealthiest in town invited to attend."

Erik double checked the cell door to make sure it was secure, it was. "Devon will inform you when it is time, if you don't mind I have more important tasks to tend to then talking to you."

Rejak scowled. He turned and stormed from the building with the two guards following.

Erik smirked after them. He gave Darc a speculative look then left, locking the door behind him.

Darc waited for a while to make sure the Human wasn't going to return then went to the cell door. Gripping a bar with his left hand, he pulled with all his strength. It didn't budge, evidently it wasn’t hollow on the inside, instead it was solid all the way through. He wasn't going to be able to bend it or pull it loose. "Damn it!"

"You're going to get punished for that stunt you pulled, you know," a feminine voice said from the cell across from him.

Darc started, he hadn't realized anyone else was there, then looked towards the cell. "Show yourself."

A female Deimos walked to the door of the cell across the hall where she could be seen.

Darc was even more startled when he saw her, he'd never seen a Deimos like her.

The woman was covered in short white fur, long silver hair cascaded down her back to her hips, but the cat ears on her head were still very visible. She had a long cat like tail and green eyes with slitted pupils. Whiskers protruded from her upper lip. She wore only a black halter and a mini skirt that just reached mid thigh. "Welcome to Hell, I'm Miko."

Darc nodded. "I'm Darc."

Miko smiled, showing small, sharp fangs. "Nice to meet you, Darc, to bad it couldn't be under better circumstances than this."

Darc snorted. "So do I, you said something about being punished."

Miko glanced towards the door. "You attacked that asshole, Rejak, so he has the right to demand you be punished and you can bet he will."

I guess I'm slipping, I meant to kill him," Darc growled.

"Feel lucky you didn't, you would have been executed on the spot," Miko said.

Darc sneered. "Worth it if I could have taken that bastard with me "

Meko studied him. "You're an interesting person, Darc. We'll talk again, but we both should sleep, especially you. A couple of Devon's thugs will be here for you first thing in the morning." She went further back into her cell out of sight.

Thoughtfully, Darc settled down on the thin pallet. It was a long time before he fell asleep.

It was someone calling his name that woke him. After a moment he recognized Miko's voice. He got up and went to the front of cell.

Miko was in the same place she'd stood last night. "They're out there." She pointed towards the door.

Darc looked at the door just as it opened.

Erik and two other men entered. They went straight to Darc's cell and stood there staring.

Darc stared back at them, not retreating to the back of the cell.

Finally Erik took out a set of keys and inserted one in the lock. There was a click as the door was unlocked. "Make sure you get a good grip on him. This one isn't tame yet."

Darc backed up then, moving to the center of the cell, so they'd have to come inside to get him.

One of the guards opened the door. "Alright, Deimos, come over here."

Darc folded his arms and stared coldly at him. He didn't move.

"I said come here! You heard me, didn't you?" the guard demanded.

Darc still didn't move. "Yes, I heard you."

"Then get over here now!" the guard ordered.

Darc snorted. "No, I like it fine where I am, you'll have to come get me. Also I don't take orders from Humans."

Meko couldn't help it. She began to giggle and had to cover her mouth to stifle them.

Grumbling, the guards warily entered the cell. It was obvious they expected trouble, but weren't sure what kind.

Darc waited until they were both in the cell then walked past them before they could act and stepped out of the cell.

The guards stopped short and both turned to glare at him. "I thought you weren't coming out!" one complained.

Darc shrugged, smirking. "I changed my mind."

Meko choked and retreated to the back of her cell, giggling madly.

The guards stomped out of the cell, muttering and glaring at Darc. "Half breed thinks he's clever." one grumbled.

Erik chuckled. "Hold him while I put on the shackles."

The guards each seized one of Darc's arms and held him.

Erik snapped on the shackles. "Let's go." He led the way from the prison building.

Darc was rather surprised that his hands were chained in front of him instead of behind him. It seemed odd that they would do that, especially after he'd attacked that fool, Rejak.

Erik led the way to where three men stood. "I've brought him, Master Devon."

Darc's eyes narrowed when he noticed Rejak was among the group. He glared at him then glanced around, noticing a tall pole embedded in the ground near by. It was then he realized the other man had a multi-lashed whip. He tensed, having a good idea what was going to happen.

Devon walked over to Darc. "I would have a look at him before we proceed with the punishment." He walked slowly around Darc studying him from head to toe. "Interesting specimen indeed, I think a private sale is definitely in order. The nobles will pay a fine price for this one. Half-breed Deimos are very rare."

Darc was studying Devon at the same time. He wasn't tall, five and a half feet at the most with graying brown hair and brown eyes. He had a potbelly as well, but there was an aura of threat around him that made Darc wary. He had a feeling this Devon could be as vicious as any Deimos if pushed to far.

Devon stepped away from Darc and nodded to the guards holding him. "You may return to your normal duties now."

The guards released Darc, bowed to Devon and left.

Erik stepped forward and took a hold of Darc and waited for orders.

Devon gestured to the post. "Punishment for attacking and scarring Captain Rejak is fifteen lashes. Prepare him."

Darc didn't try to struggle as he was led to the post, knowing it would be useless. He soon found out why his hands were chained like they were. The chains were fastened to a hook in the post above his head.

The bald man with the whip stepped forward, cracking the whip once, but not hitting him.

Darc couldn't keep from flinching at the sound. He took a deep breath and prepared himself. He wouldn't scream or beg no matter how bad the pain was.

"You may begin, Turk. Be careful not to cut to deep, any more scars than he has will lower his value," Devon cautioned.

"Yes sir," Turk said. He brought the whip down across Darc's shoulders.

It hurt, it burned and with each blow it got worse, but Darc kept his silent vow. He never cried out. Finally it was over. Darc rested his forehead against the post. He could taste blood. I must have bit my lip or tongue, he thought.

Devon turned to Rejak. "I trust now that you have witnessed the slave's punishment for attacking you are satisfied.

Rejak nodded. "Quite satisfied, Master Devon."

"Good, then please leave. I will summon you to collect your share from the sale after the slave has been turned over to his new master."

Rejak bowed. "My thanks, I'm sure it will profit us all." He smirked at Darc then left.

Erik unhooked the chains from the hook and pulled Darc away from the post. "Where now sir?"

"Bring him to the house, he needs washing and the cuts tended so they won't get infected." Devon headed for the large house.

Erik studied Darc thought fully for a moment then led him after Devon. "You're a tough one, I'll give you that. It really is a shame that you must be broken to make you suitable as a slave, but that is how it must be."

Darc could hear reluctant respect and some regret in the Human's voice, but the pain was to distracting for him to really think about it. He allowed himself to be led in Devon's wake. He wondered where the hell that worthless twin of his was, surely the blow he’d taken to the head hadn’t killed him…or had it?




This was a lot easier to write than I thought it would be, next chapter will be mixed between Darc and Kharg, at least that’s the plan…my stories tend to take over and go the way they want to go for some reason. R/R please!