Arc The Lad Fan Fiction ❯ Aftermath ❯ Chapter 30 ( Chapter 30 )

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Chapter 30

The five Deimos fled through the forest, dodging trees. Suddenly Alisha veered south. "Follow me!"

Delma was starting to get angry. "Where are we going? Why don't we fight?"

Alisha didn't bother to look back at her. "It just tore apart a bunch of soldiers armed with guns and you need to ask?"

Darc almost laughed despite the danger they were in. The logic was indisputable. A loud roar far to close to him quickly destroyed any amusement. He had the image of the damned thing biting his head off. He didn't dare look back.

A rocky cliff came into sight and Alisha ran straight for it. "Hurry! That's our only chance! They can't climb!"

Miko was faster than all of them and scrambled up. Once safely on top, she whirled to check on the others. Her eyes widened in horror. "Run! It's right behind you!"

Alisha and Delma were next to reach the cliff. They scrambled frantically up to safety.

Volk reached it next and glanced back to see where Darc was. "Look out!"

Darc staggered when he was struck between the shoulders by one of the creature's clawed hands, but didn't fall. He saw Volk start towards him. "No! Get your ass up the damned cliff!"

Volk hesitated. "I can't leave you..."

Darc snarled. "This is no time to argue, Volk! Do what I say!"

Volk growled, not liking the idea of abandoning his alpha, but he obeyed.

Darc reached the cliff and started to climb.

Volk reached the top then peered over the side. "Don't look back, hurry!"

Miko looked over as well and her eyes widened in horror. "Oh shit!" She disappeared from view.

Darc knew the thing was right on his heels, probably getting ready to bite his head off just like he'd imagined earlier.

Volk reached down to him . "Grab my hand!"

Darc reached up with his right hand and grabbed Volk's. Just then something seized his right leg and yanked. Luckily he was holding onto Volk or he certainly would have been dragged down. Sharp claws broke skin and Darc hissed in pain.

Miko came back to the edge along with Delma and Alisha, each of them holding a good sized rock. "Now!" Miko yelled and they threw the rocks.

Darc heard one clatter along the face of the cliff, but the other two hit with soft thuds.

The creature howled more in anger than pain, but it let go.

Volk heaved, hauling Darc to safety at the top of the cliff.

Miko looked relieved. "That was much to close a call. Oh Darc, you're hurt."

Darc snorted. "It's just a few nicks and scratches."

Miko scowled. "You're bleeding."

Alisha joined them, carrying her healer's kit. "Scratches and nicks from a Ripper beast can get infected very easily. Sit down and let me tend them."

Darc didn't move. "I'm fine."

Alisha grinned wickedly. "I'm sure one of the others would be willing to tackle you then sit on you while I work, sweetheart."

Volk, Miko and Delma burst out laughing at that. The Lupine and Orcon couldn't believe Alisha had called Darc sweetheart. Neither of them would have dared such a thing.

Darc glared at all of them. "Fine." He sat down, stretching his injured leg in front of him.

Alisha knelt to go to work. "Someone keep an eye on the Ripper just in case."

Volk nodded and went to the cliff's edge, looking down. "Damned thing's still there."

Alisha began to wash out the wound. "What's it doing?"

Volk glared down at the lizard. "Pacing back and forth along the bottom of the cliff."

Alisha smeared salve on the wounds. "It will hang around until it figures out it can't get to us then it will go away."

Miko sat down. "Yeah, but the things are damned stubborn, so it might take it a while."

Alisha examined the wound one last time before bandaging it. "There, that should prevent infection and help it heal."

Darc stood up. “Thanks.” He went over to the cliff’s edge to check on the Ripper.

Volk sneered. “It’s still just pacing, not a very bright beast.”

Suddenly the Ripper stopped and glared up at them. It roared then hissed.

Darc snatched up a large rock with his left hand. "Go to hell!" He threw it hard as he could.

The rock hit the Ripper directly between the eyes. It yipped and backed off several paces.

Volk grinned. "Nice shot."

The Ripper growled and ran forward then jumped. It was six feet short of the top. It tumbled back to the ground and hissed angrily.

Volk growled back at it. "Stupid, ugly thing."

Darc shook his head, looking amused. "Don't tease the animals."

Volk sneered. "It's to dumb to know it's being teased anyway."

Darc laughed.

Three long, boring hours passed before the Ripper gave up and wandered off. Alisha insisted they wait for another hour just to make sure it was gone.

It was dusk when they climbed back down the cliff and went back to the village.

Kharg looked up when they entered. "I was starting to worry."

Alisha sank into a chair. "We ran into some trouble."

Kharg noticed the bandage on Darc's leg. "What happened?"

Darc shrugged. "Nothing serious, just got clawed a bit."

Lilia moved to stand in front of Darc. "So are they dead?"

Darc eyed her, her voice and eyes were cold. He'd never seen her act like this. "Yeah, it's taken care of."

"I'm sure they are, after all you've killed plenty of Humans, so three more is nothing." She caught his left wrist and raised his hand to where they could both see it. " How do you live with all that blood on your hands?"

Darc growled and yanked his hand away. "I live with it fine. You know why? Because I had no choice. It was kill or be killed. Those damned Dilzweld soldiers had no qualms about killing or torturing us."

Lilia refused to give up. "There might have been another way this time."

Darc wanted to swat her at that moment more than anything. The foolish girl just didn't seem to be able to get over her delusions of a perfect, peaceful world. "Stupid, naive woman. Don't you ever learn?"

Lilia frowned. "What do you mean?"

Darc suddenly decided he wasn't interested in trying to get sense through Lilia's thick skull. He would never admit it, but he was tired and sore. All he wanted to do was sit down.

Lilia frowned when she didn't get an answer. "Darc?"

Darc sighed heavily. "Forget it. I don't want to talk about it anyway." He dragged himself to a chair and dropped gracelessly into it.

Lilia started towards Darc then hesitated.

Paulette decided to stop Lilia before there was an ugly scene. "Lilia, I bet Darc and the others are hungry and thirsty. If Alisha doesn't mind we could fix them something to eat and drink."

Alisha smiled gratefully. "I don't mind at all. Please do, I certainly would like something."

Paulette turned and headed for the kitchen. "Come on, Lilia. I'll need help."

Lilia looked at Darc and noticed his eyes were closed. She sighed and followed.

Miko watched them leave then followed.

Paulette was surprised when Miko entered the kitchen. "Miko, I thought you'd be resting."

Miko smiled tiredly. "I will, but I wanted to speak to Lilia first." She turned to her. "Why did you attack Darc like that?"

Lilia looked startled. "I was just trying to make him think about what he was doing. He didn't have to kill those soldiers. They didn't know where we are."

Miko sighed. "They might have though. If they did succeed they would have told the commander of the city's soldiers." Miko shivered. "You don't know how bad it is. If they come here we're dead, all of us."

Lilia started to say something then stopped.

Miko regarded Lilia. "By the way we didn't kill the soldiers, a vicious predator called a Ripper lizard did."

Lilia shrugged. "But he would have killed them if this lizard hadn't."

Miko looked Lilia straight in the eye. "As would I, my entire clan is dead because of Humans. Have you forgotten that Stalker and Adrienne were both shot down along with a lot of other Deimos. I doubt Alisha has any qualms about killing them either."

Lilia was silent for a long time, remembering her own father Samson, who had been shot and killed by the Dilzweld soldiers. "I...I guess your right, but I still hope there'll be peace between Humans and Deimos some day."

Miko nodded. "Maybe some day there will be, but day isn't now."

Lilia smiled at Miko and nodded. "You're right, you go rest. You must be as exhausted as the others."

Miko left the room and sat down close to Darc. "Are you alright?"

Darc had been staring into the flames in the fireplace. He glanced at her. "I'm fine, Miko, just tired."

Alisha was telling everyone about the group's misadventure with the Ripper lizard.

Kharg shook his head. "It sounds like you had a hell of a close call."

Miko shuddered. "It was, much to damned close. I was sure we were lizard food for sure."

An evil smirk spread across Delma's face. "Good thing it didn't eat Darc. It would have gotten sick."

Darc flashed Delma an obscene gesture while the others laughed.

Kharg grinned at Darc. "Only Delma would feel sorry for the beast that was trying to eat all of you."

Darc sneered. "That's for certain."

Just then Paulette and Lilia entered carrying trays.

Lilia set her tray down where Darc, Miko and Delma could reach it. "It's nothing fancy, just sandwiches and cold water."

Paulette set her tray between Alisha and Volk. "We figured you'd prefer fast over fancy."

"This is fine." Volk grabbed a sandwich and devoured it in three bites.

Alisha grabbed one and ate it nearly as fast.

Darc and Delma were eating just as fast the others. Before long everything was gone.

Paulette eyed the empty trays with amusement. "Do we need to go make another batch of sandwiches?"

The five Deimos glanced at each other before shaking their heads.

Lilia came over to Darc and touched his shoulder. "Can I speak to you in private, please?"

Darc was tempted to tell her to get lost, he was tired, but changed his mind. "Fine." He stood and followed Lilia outside.

Lilia led Darc out into the yard a ways before stopping.

Darc stood beside her and waited for her to say what she had to say. He'd be damned before he'd talk first.

Lilia stared nervously into the starry sky then at the ground. She fiddled nervously with her red belt, obviously trying to gather the courage to speak. Finally she took a deep breath and raised her eyes to his. "I owe you an apology for what I said. I was out of line to lecture you."

Darc studied Lilia for a while before deciding she was sincere. He nodded. "Apology accepted, just stop doing it. I am who I am Lilia. You and Kharg are both going to have to accept it." He turned and went back into the house.

Kharg looked up when he came in. “Everything alright?”

Darc shrugged. "Yeah." He returned to his chair and dropped into it.

Kharg smiled teasingly. "Is Lilia in one piece?"

Darc smirked. "More or less."

Kharg laughed. Soon he was joined by the rest of the group.

Lilia came into the house, giving everyone a slightly puzzled smile. "What's so funny?"

Kharg winked at her. "Private joke, Lilia. don't worry about it."

Lilia studied Kharg for a minute then looked questioningly at Darc.

Darc shrugged. "Yeah, every thing is fine."

Paulette grinned.

Kharg looked over at Paulette. "Say, Paulette...would you like to go for a walk?"

Paulette looked startled then pleased. "I'd love too." She stood and left the house with Kharg.

Lila watched them leave with a wistful smile. "Nice night for a walk."

Bebedora stared after the couple. "Many colors that swirl and blend, rose, blue and pink."

Miko and Alisha gave Bebedora odd looks then looked at each other.

Darc and the others ignored the comment, being quite used to Bebedora by now.


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