Artemis Fowl Fan Fiction ❯ The Key ❯ A Stange Occurrence ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter One: A Strange Occurrence
Sansara woke up in a cabin. It was dark and it somehow she felt so lonely just being there. The last thing she could remember was taking a night stroll, like always, before darkness hit. After Sansara came out of her thoughts, she looked around and spotted the door. She then got up and tried opening the door, but it was locked. She cursed under her breath and then sat down on the bed. Hmmmm..... this could be harder then I thought Sansara realized. She checked all of her pockets, but whoever brought her to the cabin took all of her things .She didn't want to use her last resort so she tried to think up something else. After a few hours of thinking she hadn't come up with anything. Her mind was filled with to many things to think. Then the door opened suddenly and a man that looked like he was in his twenty's walked in. He was wearing a black robe that had no hood. In the center of the robe was a silver cross with a circle in it. Inside the circle was an X. Sansara was curious but she didn't say anything and she tried not to stair at it. She couldn't help but think that she had seen it somewhere before. The black robe had a lot of it intricate designs on it that also made her want to stare at it. The man had silver hair about shoulder length and it was spiky on the bottom. He's eyes were gray and if you looked in them long enough you felt a gloomy felling. Even though he looked like he was in his twenty's Sansara was never deceived by looks. Sansara herself looked like she was in her twenty's but really she was one hundred and twenty years old. She was a half vampire and half demon, so she was a half breed. Along with everything she studied sorcery. Finally after a long silence the man finally said something. “Come with me please Sansara”. Sansara nodded and followed the man. “How do you know my name and who are you?” Sansara asked just loud enough for the man to hear her. “I know your name because My Lord told me and my name is Zero. That is all you need to know. At least for now Sansara.” Zero replied. When they got out to the hallway it looked completely different. The walls and designs on them and everything was so very big. Neither of them talked until they came to a long empty hallway, with doors, big enough for giants to get through, at the other side. “Do not make eye contact with my lord, bow when you enter, and try your best to speak loudly, clearly, and truthfully for your own safety. I wish you the best of luck and hope to see you again Sansara Suna.” with that Zero disappeared. Sansara opened the doors and then began to walk in with her head held high and confidence in every step she took. She was looking straight ahead and was looking the Lord of this castle straight in the eyes.
Chapter 2: The Watcher
When Lord Sinora saw Sansara, he thought that they had sent the wrong girl. Sansara was wearing a black raggedy dress, with a red clock over it .Her hair was as black as a moonless night, and her eyes were fire red though you would think they would be black. Even though they weren't black when you looked into them you saw sadness like no other sadness. Once Lord Sinora saw her necklace though, he knew it was her. She was the one he had been searching for, for so many years. When Sansara came up to where he sat she bowed and waited for Lord Sinora to speak. “Welcome to my secret lair Sasnara. You may call me Sinora. Please take a seat.” Lord Sinora said pointing to a seat next to him. Lord Sinora watched her as she walked up the steps to the chair and then sat down after inspecting it for a few minutes. Lord Sinora clapped his hands twice and suddenly a maid popped out of nowhere she bowed and said “Yes M' Lord?”. “I would like you to give her a makeover….just let her keep her necklace.” Lord Sinora said. With that the maid went over to Sansara and pulled her off the chair almost making her fall flat on her face. “Kina please treat out guest, Sansara, kindly.” Lord Sinora said. “Yes M' Lord.” Kina said a little irritated. “Thank you Kina.” With those words Lord Sinora disappeared. Kina turned to Sansara “Follow me please.” Kina said beginning to walk out of the room and into the long hallways again. Sansara followed Kina. If only Sansara had known her every move was being watched by Lord Sinora. Once they got to a door Kina turned around and said “I won't be the one doing the makeover. Yuki will. Just don't get Yuki on a bad note or you'll be sorry.” With that Kina disappeared. After Kina was gone Sansara opened the door. That was a bit odd Sansara thought as she walked into the room and out of Lord Sinora's sight.
Chapter 3: Dangerous Thoughts
When Sansara walked into the room she saw a man that looked exactly like Zero except a lot different. It was Yuki. Yuki was wearing a red robe with a black cross in the middle. In the middle of the cross was a circle and inside the circle was an X. He was wearing the same exact robe as Zero except it was red, the cross was black and the designs were black. His hair was red and so were his eyes. His eyes looked like they were glowing because it was so dark in the room. “Please come here and take a swat so we can get to work.” Yuki said. Sansara nodded and walked over to the chair then took a seat. Yuki started the makeover once Sansara got comfortable and he was ready. While Yuki did what he wished Sansara was thinking about Sinora and Kina. Sinora had purple hair down to his shoulders. He was wearing a black suit which almost looked like a tuxedo, except it had no bow, and it wasn't as fancy. His eyes were dark purple so dark that they almost looked black. Kina had purple hair too except it was down to her elbows. Her eyes were grey just like Zero's. She wore a headband in her hair that was purple and white. Her dress was black and went down just above her knees. She wore a white apron over her dress. On the bottom were white ruffles. Yuki interrupted her thoughts by saying “Done. Do you like it?”. When Sansara looked at herself in the mirror she looked completely different. Her long black hair was now down to her shoulders. She was wearing a bit of makeup and she had a new black dress on her lap. “I'll leave you so you can change.” With that Yuki walked out the door leaving Sansara to think alone witch was never a good idea.
Chapter 4: Unspoken thoughts
Zero knocked on Yuki's door but when he heard Sansara's voice say “Come in!” he was a bit surprised. He opened the door anyways and saw Sansara in a new black dress. He though she was beautiful but he never let his feelings get in the way. “My Lord would like to see you again.” Zero said while looking everywhere but Sansara. “Ok. Just let me find my clock……found it! Let's go!” Sansara said pulling Zero out of the room with her. “Lead the way Zero.” She said. “Yes of course My Lady.”. “Why did you call me “My Lady”?”. Sansara asked. “Oh, no reason. I guess it just slipped out of my mouth.” Zero said lying straight through his teeth. I wish I didn't have to lie to you Sansara. It hurts me. I haven't hurt ever since then…but that's nothing anymore. It's for the best though if I do lie to you. Zero thought. “Sansara, it would be best if we didn't talk to each other ever again. Just forget about me. It would be for the better of things if you did. I just need to tell you something. I…I …I…l-. Never mind we're here anyways. Good luck Sansara. I'm so sorry about this.” With that Zero disappeared. When he got back to his quarters Yuki was there. “What do you want brother?” Zero asked. “You were going to tell her weren't you? You know it will never be. It's her fate to be with our Lord. How could-” but Yuki was cut off by Zero saying “ I was going to tell her but why does it matter anymore? She'll never love me back. This is my fate. To live alone for eternity, to love no one, and to serve My Lord for eternity,”. “Good you know your fate.” Yuki said before he disappeared leaving Zero alone to himself to think of a way to stop what was about to happen.
Chapter 5: Truth reveled
As Sansara walked in she was thinking I wonder what Zero wanted to tell me. Her thoughts were interrupted though when Lord Sinora said “Well look at you Sansara. Your so beautiful. Please take a seat.” Lord Sinora said. Sansara did as she was told and asked “How long are you planning to keep me here?” Sansara asked. “That's my secret.” Lord Sinora said. I wish I could see Zero right now. I want to get to know him better even thought he wants me to forget him. Sansara thought. Right after she thought that Lord Sinora clapped his hands once and Zero appeared. “Yes My Lord?” Zero said looking at Sansara. “I would like you to fetfh me and Sansara a drink.” Lord Sinora said. “I will be back My Lord.” Zero said then disappeared. “Sansara I need to ask you something.” Lord Sinora said. “Yes, what is it?” Sansara asked clearly not interested in it. “Well, I know we haven't known each other all that long but will you-” Lord Sinora was cut off when Zero came. “Here you are My Lord, Sansara.” Zero said handing them the drinks and starting at Sansara. “Leave us Zero.” Lord Sinora said. “Yes My Lord.” Zero said. With a sad look in his eye that only Sansara saw he disappeared. “Anyways, even though we haven't known each other all that long, will you marry me?” Lord Sinora asked getting on one knee while holding a ring in his hand. Sansara just sat there in shock. Finally she said “I can't. I'm sorry.”. “Why?” Lord Sinora said with sadness in his eye. “My heart belongs to someone else and right now I need to go tell him my feelings.” With that Sansara ran out of the room leaving Lord Sinora heartbroken. I'm coming. Sansara thought.
Chapter 6: Pain
Zero was sitting in his courtiers waiting for his master to call for his service. He began thinking about Sansara. At least when she marries My Lord I'll get to see her everyday, and Master will be happy. With Sansara here he has all seven necklaces. Now he can finally rule all seven dimensions. Zero thought. He was getting tried of just sitting there waiting so he decided to take a walk. After he walked down a few hallways someone bumped into him. That's odd. Barley anyone lives here. Zero thought as he looked down to see Sansara there looking at him while crying. “Are you lost Sansara? If you are I can take you back to-“Zero was interrupted by Sansara saying “Zero, I don't ever want to see Lord Sinora again!”. “And why would that be?” Zero asked rather confused. “He loves me, but I don't love him. I love someone else.” Sansara said while wiping the tears from her eyes. “Oh, well then. What do you plan do know Sansara?” Zero asked while smiling dental to hide the pain in his heart. “I want to get out of here and I want you to come with me.” Sansara said. “I can't. I'm sorry Sansara.”. “Why? You can bring whoever you want….anything just-” Sansara was interrupted by Zero saying “I couldn't even if I wanted to Sansara. I'm cursed. I can never leave this castle.” He was lying again. He could leave the house but only if Lord Sinora said so. “There has to be a way. Please tell me there is a way Zero.” Sansara said with tears behind her eyes. “There is one way.”. “What is it?”. “My Lord has to let me go.”. “I think I can get him to.” With that Snasra walked back to the room were Lord Sinora was waiting for her return. Whatever she's thinking I just hope it won't get her into trouble. Or worse. Killed. Zero thought.
Chapter 7: Forbidden Love
When Sansara came back to the room were Lord Sinora was she said “I'm sorry about before.”. “So what is you answer then?” Lord Sinora asked. “Yes, but I want you to let Zero go.” She said. “If you wish.” Lord Sinora said as he clapped his hands once, summing Zero. “Zero you may leave the castle. Go anywhere you like.” Lord Sinora said. “Thank you My Lord.” Zero said as he disappeared with a twinkle in his eyes. “Dear, can you excuse me for a second?” Sansara asked with a sick feeling in her mouth. “Of course take your time.” Lord Sinora said. When Sansara got to the big hallway Zero was there. “Thank you so much!” Zero said hugging Sansara. Sansara was surprised but sje hugged him back. “Zero I have to tell you something.” Sansara said. “I have to tell you something too, but can go first.”. “I think I love you.” Sansara whispered. “Really? Well I don't think I love you.”. “Really?” Sansara said with sadness in her eyes. “Yes, really because I don't think I love you I know I love you.” Zero said beginning to kiss her. Sansara kissed him back, but after a few minutes she pulled away and said “Are you going to bring anyone?”. “Kina will probably want to come and if Kina comes Yuki will come, so let's go get them!” Zero said while beginning to walk down the hallways. Sansara caught up to him and held his hand, Zero blushed a little but then he smiled. This was the first time Sansara had ever seen Zero smile and it could be the last one because Lord Sinora had seen everything.
Chapter 8:
Lord Sinora paced back and fourth. He didn't know what to do. I'll make Zero kill her or himself. Lord Sinora thought. Since he was that curse I can make him do anything and he can't stop himself from doing it. He thought. Lord Sinora started looking for Zero. After a few minutes Lord Sinora found him with Sansara, Kina and, Yuki. “Zero may I talk to you please.” Lord Sinora said. Zero was surprised to see Lord Sinora but he did as he was told. “Yes My Lord?” Zero asked. “Take this dagger and stab it into Sansara's or your heart at midnight tonight.” Lord Sinora said handing him the dagger. “Oh, and you can't tell anyone else.” Lord Sinora said. “Why My Lord? Why?” Zero asked with hurt in his eyes. “Sansara never loved me but she loves you back.” He said with hate in his eyes. “I'm sorry.” Zero said as he began to walking back to the group. I hate them. I hate them all! Lord Sinora thought. As he walked back to his courtiers he sat on his bed. His room was big but oh so lonely. I need someone to love and love me back. Lord Sinora thought. Then he stood up and took a walk. He had lived his whole life in castle so he knew it better then he knew himself. He never went outside before so he had only seen what it looked like. Sometimes Lord Sinora saw his family in this castle. Like his mother, his father, his brothers and sisters and his wife and children. They were all dead now but he still remembered them even though sometimes he wanted to forget them. He wanted to die so he could see them, touch them, and talk to them. He knew that would never happen though. He would live for entirety. Entirety in pain, suffering, sadness, and darkness.