Avatar The Last Airbender Fan Fiction ❯ Attraction ❯ One-Shot

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

“Do you know what happens when opposites come together?”
“They attract?”
“They destroy.”
Katara wasn't completely sure how this happened.
Really, it had started simply. He'd done something small that was just so unbelievably annoying that she'd kind of exploded on him. He responded with an explosion of his own, and then they were fighting. And then there'd been throwing of things. And then there'd been screaming, and name-calling, and this huge pile of hate that just welled up and spewed all over the place.
Katara stepped over the broken glass and set down the first aid kit she'd learned to keep nearby. Zuko was sitting on the floor of the kitchen among piles of pots and pans, groaning as he clutched a bloody forehead.
“Here,” she said, wetting a towel and gently scrubbing the blood away. He winced slightly. “It doesn't look too bad.”
He glanced up at her. “What about you?”
She smiled. “Don't worry about me.” Finding a bandage, she applied it and began cleaning the rest of his face. He let her, offering a few minutes of silence.
“We're horrible people,” he said finally as she rinsed the towel in the sink. She was limping, he noticed. Probably from the glass shards in her foot. “Why do we keep doing this?”
“I don't know,” she sighed. He got up to grab something for her foot, and she took his spot. “It's costing a lot too.”
“It probably isn't healthy,” he said, returning with tweezers, a bowl, and a wet rag.
She laughed. “Since when were we `healthy?'”
He smiled. “What do you think it means?”
“That we shouldn't have kids.”
He paused a moment. “Why are we still dating? All we ever do is hurt each other.”
She glanced at him. “That's not true. Sometimes we… What else do we do?”
“Besides fight? Not much else.”
“You'd think there'd be a different—less painful—way to get all this frustration out.”
Zuko grinned, standing up. He leaned over her, scooping her up and carrying her across the dangerous floor.
“Where are we going?” she asked.
“I just thought of a way to get out all that pent up energy.”
She thought a moment, leaning closer to him. “This sounds fun.”
It usually was.
The quote is from this awesome comic series called Bone, in which you should all read. I got to that part during math and thought, I should totally write fanfiction for this.
Katara and Zuko would have hot make up sex. It would probably have a lot of biting and scratching. ((I'll get the handcuffs.))