Azumanga Daioh Fan Fiction ❯ The Midnight Halloween Test of Courage ❯ Kitty Chemistry/Making Sweet Music ( Chapter 4 )

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The Midnight Halloween Test of Courage: Kitty Chemistry/Making Sweet Music

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In the Chemistry labs, Kagura and Sakaki looked around.  Everything was turned off...and everything was put away.  Sakaki was feeling at ease.  Though this time of night, she's dead asleep.  Kagura is mad that she can't play her video games as long as she wanted to.  Though she did sign up for this.  She also envied Chiyo and Osaka.  Those two had to stay home. was boring there.  No ghosts sitting on chairs, no books, or beakers, or test tubes floating about...nothing.  

"Man this is a drag," Kagura said.

"I guess it's too dangerous here," Sakaki said, somewhat soothing the blow.

"You may be right...even ghosts don't want to mess about with gas."

"Still...I did miss Chiyo's Halloween party," Sakaki said sadly.

"Remind me to kill Tomo," Kagura growled.  

That is...Kagura wanted to go that Halloween party.  She also knew that Osaka was there too.  Then again, she realized that she wasn't going to be bobbing for apples anytime soon...two years ago, and the year before that...Tomo damn near killed her!  That aside...Sakaki caught something from her eye.  It was a ghost kitty.  She went up to investigate to see what he was doing there.  Unfortunately...CHOMP!

" even have bad luck with ghost kitties," Kagura said.

"It doesn't hurt, since I can't feel anything," Sakaki said pulling away her uninjured hand.

"let's go, it was pretty boring here," Kagara said.

"Alright, let's go."

They left the chemistry lab, and the ghost cat hissed.  He didn't even scare them.  Then again...this is the Kamineko's ancestor.  He went back about his way.  In the music room, Yukari and Nyamo were sitting in the front of the room.  They looked around looking for anything.  Tomo, Yomi, Sakaki, Kaorin, and Kagara had some sort of experiences.  

"This is boring," Yukari whined.

"I agree," Nyamo said bluntly.

"I mean...where are the ghosts at?"

"They come..." Nyamo said.

"Oh...sorry I'm late!" a ghost said.  She was a random ghost.

"Are you supposed to be here?" Yukari asked.

"Damn...I'm supposed to be in Santa Fe, New Mexico!"

"'s clear across the Pacific, then you cut through southern California...through there you're home free," Nyamo said.

"Thanks...oh your ghost got sick...he caught the flu," she said.

Yukari raged.  The ghost got scared and screamed.  Nyamo had to keep her calmed down.  The ghost ran away to Santa's a lot safer there!  After Yukari calmed down...she looked at Nyamo.  She didn't know what to do.  They decided to leave. a bed...the ghostly form of Kimura's ancestor was burning with a fever.  He can't haunt the school as his living counterpart is doing a good enough job with that.  Frustrated, Yukari and Nyamo made their way to the gym...along with Tomo, Kaorin, Yomi, Sakaki, and Kagura.  Once there...they relayed their experiences.

"I knew this school was haunted," Tomo said smiling.

"At least you didn't end up with a grump ghost," Kaorin said huffing.

"Mine was a knucklehead just like Osaka!" Tomo said proudly.

"If that's the standards of being a ghost..." Yomi started.

"Sakaki had bad luck with even a ghost kitty," Kagura said.

"You ain't seen a haunting yet!" an unfamiliar said.

"Oh boy...." Kagura said shaking like a leaf, "this is trouble."

There was a ghost alright.  This was definitely Yukari's ancestor.  She was in the gym, and was raising hell.  However...she was blocked by an angrier ghost. seems that this was going to be one of those nights.  This one was Nyamo's ancestor.  Yes, there were English teachers and PE teachers then.  That is...old wounds were about to be tore at big time.

"Guys..." Kaorin said, realizing the situation, "I think we better go before our parents get worried."

"That's a good idea," Tomo said...with a foot halfway out of the door.

"Don't just sit there...RUN!" Kagura boomed.

The girls ran out of the gym, and on home.  Nobody was going to believe them...however...they valued their teen hood  They had good reasons...there were two sets of voices that were tearing at each other's old wounds.  Of course, there was a royal rumble the likes of which nobody could see. least one living and dead person made it out without a knot on their head.

"Honestly," Nyamo huffed, as the victor, "you'd think they'd gotten it together by now!"

"Really," Ghost Kurosawa huffed, "Next year I'm picking' the music room."

"What was that?" Yukari said emerging with a huge knot on her head.

"I don't know..." Ghost Tanizaki huffed.

The very next Monday the tale was told.  The entire class was into it.  Kaorin kept to herself...because she had to still deal with Kimura.  Still...they buttoned their lips, when Yukari came in.  It was a good night to be in the school.  Next year...most won't be here.  However...Tomo has sown the seeds for a grander adventure for the current first and second year kids.

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