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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Reporters: AKARI and ICHINO from Battle Athletes Victory. AKARI is a kind-hearted crybaby, while ICHINO is her tomboyish best friend

Judge: TAIISKUN from Fushigi Yugi. An old oracle who seems to know everything, and does not take disrespect lightly.

Bailiffs: NYAN-NYAN and NURIKO also from Fushigi Yugi. NYAN-NYAN is a energetic little blue-haired girl, way too energetic for her own good. NURIKO is a guy who is kind-hearted, immensely strong, and tends to both look (and dress) like girl.

Plaintiff: Usagi from Sailor Moon. Um, you SHOULD know who she is. A pig-tailed crybaby who transforms into Sailor Moon, warrior of love justice.

Plaintiff's Lawyer: UMI from Magic Knight Rayearth.

Defendant: VASH from Trigun

Defendant's Lawyer: JIGO from Princess Mononoke

Witnesses: CAT, from Trigun (Does the cat have a name? I don't think it does, but someone can correct me if that's wrong.) HARUKA from Sailor Moon and MICHIRU from Sailor Moon

Translator: MEOWTH from Pokémon. Again, you should know this. A cat-like pocket monster, one of the few who can speak to both Pokémon and humans.

Audience Members: HIKARU from Rayearth, UMI from Rayearth, REI from Sailor Moon, MINAKO from Sailor Moon, MERYL from Trigun, and PIKACHU from Pokémon.

Random people: GOKU and VEGETA from Dragonball Z.