Ben 10 Fan Fiction ❯ Ben 10 Universe Imagines ❯ Shy But Protective ( Chapter 6 )

[ A - All Readers ]

Pairing: Ben x shy!fem!reader

Genre: Fluff, Slight Angst

Characters: Ben, Y/N, Kevin, Gwen

A/N: Y/N is a really good friend of Kevin’s. He thinks of her as a little sister.


You have always been known as the shy one, the pushover, the one everybody forgets about. That was until you became good friends with Kevin Levin and met his new friends. You suddenly had something, some people to fight for. With Ben having the Omnitrix and Gwen and Kevin having powers, it was only inevitable that they were going to get into trouble. You decided, in secret, that you were going to be their backup and began to train with the plumbers, gaining the field experience and the fighting skills you needed to help them. This training came in handy when Ben, Gwen and Kevin were all threatened by the newest threat to the universe. The trio were stood in front of the ghoulish monster, ready to power up. The monster laughed maniacally. “If you don’t leave this place and let me get on with my work, I’m going to make sure that you are never seen again.” Something triggered inside you at the mention of their lives getting threatened. The trio didn’t know that you had followed them, you had been sneaking around in the shadows and trailing their every move. You didn’t want anything to happen to them, especially Ben. Kevin had tried to warn you away from him, especially with what happened with Julie, but you couldn’t help the way you felt about him. You made your way towards them and quickened your pace when you seen the monster go for Ben. “Hey! Slime face! What gives you the right to threaten people who live on this planet? You act as though it’s your right to be here, but it isn’t! Why don’t you go back to the hole you crawled out of and stay there?!” The trio turned and stared at you, completely gobsmacked, as the monster turned it’s attention to you. “What do we have here? A brave little human who thinks that they’re a match for me? Let’s see how tough you really are.” The monster shot towards you and you rolled out of the way just in time, shooting back with the gun you kept in the waistband of your jeans. The trio stood and stared for a few moments as they watched you hold your own against the monster until they joined you in the fight. “Four against one slime ball, what are ya gonna do?” It looked around at the four of you who had it cornered and surrounded. Without warning the monster snarled and jumped high in the sky, out of sight. Kevin and Gwen turned to you and leaned in to give you a hug. “Good shots out there, Y/N. I’m really proud of you.” Kevin ruffled the top of your head which earned him a hard punch to the chest. “Thanks, Kev. Now you know not to mess with me, I could give you a run for your money.” The both of them walked away when they seen Ben heading towards you. He itched the back of his head nervously before clearing his throat. “Thanks for what you did back there, Y/N. You really put yourself out there to save us. I don’t know what would have happened if you weren’t there.” You smiled and stepped closer to him .”The team, you, are worth it. You will always be worth it to me, Ben. That’s why I started training with the Plumbers. I wanted to be able to protect you as much as you protect me.” Cautiously, Ben closed the remaining distance between you both and kissed you passionately. At first, you were a little surprised but you soon sunk into the kiss and wrapped your arms around Bens’ neck, deepening the kiss. “You have no idea how long I’ve been wanting to do that, Y/N.” You shyly tucked a few strands of hair behind your ear. “I can imagine.” Ben held his hand out for you to take, which you did, and guided you to his car to head back home.