Berserk Fan Fiction ❯ Bye Bye Beheliet ❯ One Look ( Chapter 1 )

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A/N: Once upon a time there was a girl and her brother. Now this girl and her brother were pretty much Otaku. They loved anime. Now the girl liked Berserk and owned the box set of it, which she had gotten for her 16th birthday 2 months earlier. One evening the two siblings decided to watch the entire series of Berserk in one night. It didn't end well especially since the siblings seemed to have lacked common sense at the time and started Berserk at 11pm. 6 hours later they had taken slumber on the couch. They slept for a period of 120 minutes, then awoke and watched the rest of Berserk. Then their mother forced them to go to church. It was not fun, and the girl, instead of listening to the service the minister was getting, was absorbed in the sky. And then a light honed down on her. God had spoken. He told the girl to write a fan fiction. But not just any fan fiction. A Berserk fanfiction. And it was good. She was tired, but instead of sleeping in church, she plotted this fanfiction in her head. And 3 days later, lazyness left her. And she wrote chapter one. And it was good. The end. HI! Anyways, erm, this is going to be roughly based on the manga and the anime. And its AFTER the Eclipse. So yeah, if you haven't read the manga or seen the whole berserk manga, LEAVE! And this doesn't have to do with the story really, its just something I wanted to do; a Gutts adventure thing^___^ tootlez and enjoy all! Also: `-` that means an onomatopoeia and `~' means thoughts


Bye, Bye, Beheleit.

By Sacrificial Dawning


-Kla-dunk. Kla-dunk. Kla-dunk.-

Charcoal clouds brushed across the moon's surface. The shady craters of the façade looked down upon the collapsed kingdoms of the world. Darkness. Fear. Hate. Sorrow. It all filled the midns of all who lived in this new age of panic.

-Kla-dunk. Kla-dunk. Kla-dunk.-

Rain pattered against the muddy earth, causing puddles to grow in size. The rigid outline of a dark man stepped into puddle with a dull sound. The tall figure was cloaked and hooded. A dull ray of the moons light caught his eye. It was hateful. Vengeful. And was filled with the fear of one who has just seen hell. Rage. Sorrow. Fight. It was all there neatly packed in his gaze. The moonbeam faded however; a cloud blinded the moonlight.

-Kla-dunk. Kla-dunk. Kla-dunk.-

A cart wheeled by. It was a horse drawn wooden cage. White tarp draped over the top to protect its victims from the drumming rain.

~There they go…another batch for the devils… ~ The cloaked man stopped and watched, the wind billowing his cape gently; he wielded a massive sword, that hung against his back. Food…

-Kla-dunk. Kla-dunk. Kla-dunk-.

The man stayed there, watching silently for some time. His angry eye scanning the situation. The cart was full of woman and children; one child however caught his eye. He was cloaked in back, one leg pulled up to his chest with his arm around it. The other handing loosely down. His hand was bandaged. Odd….there was a finger missing. He's too confident… He narrowed his brow watching. The boy looked up. His gaze was piercing. The cloaked man watched, glaring back into his eyes. How dare he look at me like that…as if….he were above me… His fist clenched. He glowered. He hated him suddenly. He turned his head and looked up at the rain, however he never felt that gaze leave him. Finally he turned back and the cart had gone off way into the distance. ~Food. Good riddance. Puh~. He spat on the floor, and instead of following the road to the nearest town, he walked into the forest to get some sleep for the night. It's not like he was in a hurry to save anyone.


Morning arrived shortly. The sky hadn't changed much. It was grey and murky. The sky of dark fatality. The man from the night had slept against a tree, his hood over his face, legs bent and touched his large chest, and his sword nestled between his legs, against his shoulder. A few rays from the sun escaped the swathe of clouds and touched the mans' rough face lightly. One eye shot open and looked around. He stifled a yawn and sat up, pushing the hood away from his head. His hair was dark black and short with a few bangs matted into his forehead. He had a long face and a rounded chin, one eye kept close at all times. He had scars upon his face, he seemed to of had a rough life. He drew back his cloak slightly. An iron caste was attached to his elbow in the shape of an arm. Where the rest of his arm was one could only speculate. He ran the tips of his finger from his other hand lightly over the cold steal surface. His hand was bandaged, but it didn't appear to be hurt.

"Griffith…" he muttered the word quietly, yet, it was filled with such hate, rage, and resentment. ~I'll do it for you…Caska…~

A bird flew overhead. The man's head shot up quickly and his eye glared at it. He watched it silently, almost suspiciously. He pulled the cloak over his head quickly and stood up, sheathing his massive sword. He looked around once, making sure not a soul lingered about. And walked out of the forest, and back on the dirt trail, following the remnants of the muddy tracks the cart from before left behind.

"What!? What the HELL IS this!?" The man stopped and surveyed the surroundings. Where the was a town, it was now leveled with the earth. A few miscellany pieces of wood and brick still stood, charred and broken, everything was destroyed. However, as far as his eye reached he couldn't see a single body.

~Probably all eaten….dammit… ~ He growled under his breath and stepped on a piece of wood and watched the ash crumbled. A few meters away something caught his eye. "What…the….a beheleit!" He took off at a light jog and stumbled to his knees before it. A smirk played at his face. "Looks like they're getting careless." His words had such an angry, malevolent tone, one would think he was out to obliterate humanity.

His bandaged hand reached out slowly for the ugly, blue abstract trinket.


His hand drew away in an instant. His eye widened from the shock. A sickle rested in the dirt. It was crescent shaped and medium sized. A chain was attached to the handle. The man's eye quickly followed and rested upon a single boy resting upon a barrel.

~Dammit…why didn't I see it before… A growl emited from his barred teeth.~

Without a single word, the boy tugged harshly at the chain that came from the sickle and drew it back to him, the end blade caught onto the beheleit's metal fastenings. The sickle drew up into the air. He reached his hand up and caught the handle in one hand. The beheleit fell from the blade and he caught it quickly with his other. The looked up, and narrowed his eyes, not speaking. His eyes were cold and copper, his hair a light brown, shoulder length, and his skin darkened just a tad. His cheeks were thin, but not hollowed, and he was average height and lanky. He had blood splattered about his clothes here and there. He reached up with his sleeve and wiped some of the blood off. The looked up and flipped some hair out of his eyes. Crossing one leg over the other and held up the beheliet between his thumb and index finger.

"Are you one of them. Answer me now, BOY," he spat that word out spitefully, "and if you are…" his hand gripped the hilt of his sword, a smirk upon his lips "The tell the devil I said hello…"

A/N: AND that's the end of chapter one! Don't worry! I'll hurry and get the rest of the chapters!! Its late though and I need to get to bed since I have state wide testing in the morning^^:;; oops- I really should be in bed. Anyways-the biys my own original character and if your stupid the main character is of coruse gutts. You'll notice Puck isn't in here. Well, I hate puck with all my heart and soul, so he's not In the first chapter and perhaps not even the second chapter. U really don't wanna write about him, however I know I must…and there is a reason why he's not here^___^ keep reading to find out!