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BBB6: Heaven in Hell

"D-dammit…dammit all…" stuttered Gutts. He glared as the world around him took shape. The sky was black as coal and the land was frigid. Glaciers came forth from the ground; tall pointed structures. An alter embraced the gory remains of the demonic mayor.

"G-gutts…" muttered the youth in a shrill voice.

"SHUT UP!" He glared, looking around. His eyes widened; those weren't glaciers, they were a mountain of…corpses! They were piled up high, frozen, each with a more terrifying look then the last.

Elliot hugged himself and fell to his knees trebling, his eyes widened "m-momma….p-pappa…I…I'm sorry…"

Gutts looked to him "Dammit…" ~I knew I shouldn't have brought him…~ He glowered and ran to his side and kneeled down. "Snap OUT Of it dammit!! Pull yourself together before-"

"Ho ho ho…" A massive worm broke the ice and burst from it, his hands wielded together with a menacing, yet, almost childish look upon his face. "Ho ho ho…" It was none other than Conrad.

A lake of ice lay in front of them. It cracked, then broke open, dark light shot out and slowly, rose Slan, her wings shielding her naked body. She smirked; the wings sprouted open and she sat in the air with a seductive smirk upon her face and pushed her hair back.

A shadow came from the sky and down dropped Ubik. He smirked and floated around Gutts and Elliot with intrigue and cackled.

Gutts grabbed hold of the boy and held him, protecting him. He glared, "Stay strong, Elliot…"

Elliot looked up, eyes watery, it was the first time he had ever used his name. He bit his lip and nodded scrunching his shoulders together, pushing himself against Gutts more.

A dark sun shone up in he sky and slowly melted, as it did it formed a shape.

"Archangel Void! You have come to me!!" cried the mayor.

Last but not least, the red devil came from the sky, his arms spread outward and he gently glided down and perched onto the top of a glacier.

"Lord Femto! I'm honored you grace me with your presence…" Tears dripped down the man's face.

Femto smirked his purple lips, however, he was watching Gutts. "Still strong I see. So glad we have this opportunity to meet again….Gutts…"

Gutts eyes widened with insanity. He grabbed his sword, letting go of Elliot and stood up. "GRIFFITH!!!" he cried out with such indescribable hate. He charged up at him, then yelled and fell forward as his neck bled. He stood up quickly and continued his charge.

Femto laughed callously. "Mortal, you still don't understand. I. Own. You."

Elliot's eyes widened. It couldn't be. He winced and looked down at his hand, blood ran down it; he cradled it and slowly reached for his weapon…

"SO!" Ubik popped up out of nonentity and smirked. "We have another one on our hands…heh heh…"

Elliot screamed and jumped back trembling, pain seared through his hands. "Ah..ah-ah…" Tears brimmed his eyes as he scooted back, however Ubik pressed forward.

"Yes…pain…terror…and just a hint of sorrow…I love it all child…welcome home…"

"N-no….no no…"

"Welcome…to Hell…" he cackled and flew up into the air suddenly, spiraling.

Elliot yelped and stood up and dove for his weapon, standing up again. Femto looked to him, and smirked. "A…dare I say, friend?" he smirked "My, my, humans are silly."

"I think it's…wonderful…the hate…the passion…the sorrow…its all there…" commented Slan. She smirked and licked her lips, casually cupping one of her breasts in her hands and squeezed it. "Mm….I love it all…"

"Ho ho ho…hello, mayor…ho ho ho…"

Archangel Void slowly turned his head toward the mayor and pointed his long boned finger. "You who have been ordained by the laws of fate have opened a cleave for us and brought us here in your pitiful attachment to your health."

The mayor looked up with grateful eyes. "Thank you my Lord Archangel Void…I am in your servitude…"

Femto stepped forward. "However, in order for us to grant your burning desire, you must first present a sacrifice."

"Mm…a tasty sacrifice…" craved Slan, her other hand took up her other breast smirking.

"Ho ho ho…sacrifice…"

Ubik floated around him. "However, Mayor, this proves to be a rather…difficult task…in order to take part in such a demonic ritual…"

"You must first open a fissure in your heart…" Conrad opened his eyes a bit, smirking.

"And sever any last remains of your humanity, causing a burst of evil surge…" finished Ubik. He laughed cruelly and floated upside down around him.

Femto smirked. "And, unfortunately, you haven't anything of the sort."

"Wh-what!? But, but…please…please my lord, Femto! Archangel Void!! Do not leave me like this I beg of you!!!"

Ubik laughed and floated around. "Oh dear…I do remember another time like this…"

"Ooo…it was certainly…tasty…the emotions…the sorrow…everything…" Slan licked her lips again and closed her eyes. "Ah…"

"Ho ho ho…it's a shame your mayor ship that you didn't attach yourself to anyone after the death of your…dear, dear, boy…oh ho ho ho…"

Femto grinned slightly.

Ubik floated around. "You poor, dear, son. Remember when you were on your death bed? So many emotions flooded into your mind. Your only son right by your bed side…"

"P-please…please no…don't remind me…please, Lord Ubik!!" pleased the mayor, his life draining little by little.

"You held that beheliet in your hands and cried out. You had your burning desires…and we granted them…you did not hesitate when we asked for the phrase…"

"I sacrifice this boy to you…" cackled Conrad as he malevolently, mocked the voice the mayor used and danced around a bit.

"STOPPIT!" screeched the mayor pitifully.

Gutts stroked Elliot's hair slightly glaring and growling, his neck burning with pain as they flickered toward him and away. His whole neck was bloody and rung with pain. He looked down at his small companion noticing he was feeling the same pain and he clenched his teeth. "Dammit…"

"Your words can't stop me, mayor, no, no they can't indeed." Ubik smirked. "Do you remember the look on the boys face, as our servants ripped him limb. From. Limb. We devoured his flesh and feasted on his blood. And all you did was watch, you took form for the first time, reborn and joined in out little feast." He laughed.

Slan held up her hands. "Glorious. Oh it was glorious. I remember it all." She smirked, her wings opening and she hovered a few feet in front of him. "And from that point on, you wanted everyone to feel your pain…the pain of a lost child…the hate…ooo…"

Conrad opened his eyes just a bit once more. "And now we're going to sit and watch you die, mayor…and watch as the demons come for your soul and take you straight to hell where you will join the millions of other souls, losing your identity and soon just becoming part of the tide."

Femto opened his wing slightly. "You see, you belong to us now, dearest devil. Welcome to your destiny…" The mayor screamed out, and soon, that was the last thing that came out of his month as a wave of deviled souls rose up and snatched his soul from his decaying body.

Gutts stood up instantly and held up his sword. "GRIFFITH!!!" A feeling of rage came over him quickly. He acted on the first instinct to kill at the sound of Femto's voice and he charged, his sword over head.

"GUTTS!! NO!!" Elliot stood up quickly, looking at his hand, and chased after him.

The glaciers started to crack and melt. Water soon leached down the smooth, vertical surface. The bodies arose, only this time as demons, each chanting the same thing, "Saaacccrrriiifffiiiccceeee…."

Elliot's eyes widened. He stepped back a bit and held his weapon, close to his chest. The demons, each more horrific than the last started to climb down from each other. They all varied in size, shape, form and no two were alike. Elliot watched as the hundreds closed in on the area.

"Give us…..the sac….rifice…blood…we want…their blood…" they called out to the Godhand.

Gutts leapt in the air about to hurtle his blade into Femto's skull. Femto merely smirked, held up his hand, and a blast of energy projected from his hand, then whipped into Gutts, knocking him back. Blood gashed from his neck and he writhed with pain on the floor.

Puck looked around, eyes widened and trembling. "GUTTS!!" He screamed and fluttered toward him. The impact, however, sent out a boulder flying and hit the little elf in the head, causing him to fall. He didn't rise again, however his life hadn't been cut short yet.

"GUTTS!!" a voiced cried out to him.

Gutts slowly rose; his eyes widened, his was being encircled by a hoard of demons. He looked left and right until his eyes caught Elliot's who also was suffering a similar experience. Gutts swung his sword in one huge circle and diced the bodies in half, getting soaked with blood of all colors; then he charged toward Elliot.

Elliot swallowed, then glared. What was he doing? How did he allow himself to become so afraid suddenly? No…he promised Gutts. He wasn't going to break his promise like he broke his trust. With a loud yell, he ran and through his sickles, then leapt in the air traveling with his flying blade. As the razor hit the demons chest, Elliot bounced off its chest, ripping the blade upwards, bringing his other blade deep into the neck of another. He brought his first blade shot down into the head of a different one. He landed on his feet and held both sickles in his hand and glared around. He wasn't going to be taken with ease; not at all. A claw shot down, however, from a fallen beast and hit him right in the shoulder, he screamed and ran forward, sliding it out, then held his shoulder. He trembled as the beast opened its mouth and with the last of its strength leapt forward.


A heavy sword came between the beast's eyes and tore open its head. Gutts smirked, then looked to the boy. "Hurry while we can, boy…we're going to get out of this alive…"

Elliot smirked back and nodded holding up his fist. "Yeah, and when we do we can rub it in those damned assholes' faces."

Gutts nodded, smiling a bit and placed a hand on his head. However, the period of joy ended as he shoved Elliot forward and on his rear; a demon's horn had slammed down in where they prior stood.

Elliot held his shoulder, but was forced to let go as he went hand-to-hand with one of the creatures. He slashed forward, Elliot would block with a sickle; he'd use his other hand and Elliot would block with his other sickle. The demon laughed and shoved a talon from his foot into the boy's gut.

"NO!! ELLIOT!!!" Gutts ran forward and cut the beast in half and knelt to Elliot's side, he pushed him away and stood up shakily. "I….I'm fine…" he muttered, wincing, he wasn't going to cry. On the contrary; he smirked. "I feel just fine…"

Gutts eyed him, and then nodded. Adrenaline worked miracles when you were enticed by such a battle. Gutts charged into the crowd of demons, Elliot broke away and aimed at his own.

Void shook his head.~It's useless, humans. You cannot do a thing. Fate has chosen you and you belong to the devils of Hell. So long as you carry that mark your blood is tainted and it will forever remain ours. ~

Elliot looked up and trembled slightly. The voice in his head rang. His eyes widened, it all became so clear to him…so, very, clear…He held up his sickle….

Gutts was plowing his way through the mass of demons, his crossbow becoming useful now. He loaded up his arm and pointed it at Femto. He didn't yell, he growled a little, however his friend's words had a sudden impact on his mind. He aimed, and then screamed out in suddenly agony. He looked down and saw that a beast had clamped into his leg and sunk his teeth in.

~So long as you all wear the brand, your fate is in hell with us…your body…flesh…blood, its going to be ours…~

Gutts trembled. He wasn't going to lose another limb. He brought the sword down and sliced it off easily, then fired his cannon at Femto.

Femto merely laughed and watched as it exploded inches in front of him. Then he drew open his wings and flew down.

"His hate is marvelous…watching him writhe in his own blood…ooo…if only he could be ours…" laughed Slan.

Conrad joined in her laugher.

Femto flew around Gutts, slowly making his way down, smirking.

Gutts screamed out and dropped to his knees holding his neck. ~Shit…hell no….damn bastard…~

Femto descended smirking, he intended on killing him this time. Gutts stood up quickly and held his sword. "CUMMON, GRIFFITH!!! FIGHT ME LIKE A MAN YOU FRIGGIN BASTARD!! I'M READY FOR YOU!"

Elliot looked at the bleeding sacrifice. ~I don't want to go to hell…~ his eyes brimmed with tears. ~I love you…mother…father…~

Despite his wounds, Gutts glared at Femto. He spat on the floor and waited. ~Come on…just a little closer…so I can rip you in two…~


Gutts stopped, his eyes widened. He heard the sound of bone crunching. Swiftly, Gutts, along with the Godhand turned their head toward the boy. He had brought his blade down into his arm, and was repeating this over and over, until he went into a mad frenzy and used the tip of his sickle to slice through his bone. ~As long as I carry the mark…~

"ELLIOT!!!" Gutts soon forgot about his hatred for Griffith and charged after his friend. Demons suddenly blockaded him from his destination. "EEELLLIOOOTT!!" he shrieked, slicing through them. "STOPPIT NOW!!!" his eyes were wide with fright.

Elliot held his blade up high and delivered the final blow.


He panted. He was wide eyed with sweat. Tears brimmed his eyes as his lifeless hand curled on the floor. "I-it's gone…" he muttered, then winced and stumbled forward, blood pouring from his arm. He screamed out in pain.

"ELLIOT!!!" Gutts felt his own eyes fill with tears. ~You bastard…what the hell were you thinking…~

Slan laughed, "A clever child, oh my such a clever boy…but will his scheme work?" she laughed.

Ubik cackled. "Let the boy think what he wants…he's ours forever…"

Femto glared at the boy and watched uneasily, however remained silent.

Void held up his hand. ~Feast my children…feast…~

A demon swallowed up Elliot's hand at once.

Gutts slashed and tore at the beasts. ~We're almost out of here…~ He smirked. ~That was clever…but dammit…~ He ran into the crowd of demons and lifted the child up. "Shh…. shut the hell up, boy…look what you've done, WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING!?"

"D-don't you see…it's hopeless…we're all going to die…and they said…as long as you carried…the brand, we would go to hell…I don't want to go to hell…"

Gutts bit his lip and glared. "YOU FOOL! Such childish thinking is going to get you killed, dammit! Just for that last comment I'm going to make sure you live. Then you'll really suffer hell when it's not numb."

Elliot looked up and smiled. Tears fell down his cheeks. "Th-thank you…Gutts…I love you….y-you're…you're like…my father…" His smile didn't leave his face.

Gutts, during this time, was running and dodging, keeping Elliot close in his arms, protecting him from the grasps of the demons. He looked down at him and blinked. A light filled his heart. He slowly smiled, and was unable to neither wipe nor hide his own tears. "Well, Elliot I-AAHHRG!" He fell to his knees. A bull-like demon had charged and went into his back; Gutts fell to his knees and dropped Elliot.

"GUTTS!" Elliot stood up quickly.

"Ah..ah..ah…" Gutts moaned and quickly fired his cannon at the beast's head. He dropped to the floor and thrashed about in his blood. He stood up quickly and limped to the boy.

A whip came down and landed across Elliot's stomach. He screamed, his eyes widening with the sudden throbbing. He stood a bit. As the tentacle slithered away, it grabbed a hold of Elliot's leg.


Elliot dropped them but quickly reached for them. It was too late however. Another slimy limb slithered around his hands and held him up and right before Gutts' eyes-


The youth's other arm was ripped clean out of its socket. "NOOO!!! ELLIOT!!" He charged. Elliot couldn't screamed. His body started to shake terribly and his eyes rolled into the back of his head. "EEELLLLIIIOOOOTT!!" A tentacle slapped his face and sent him flying back into the ground. He winced and sat up in time to see his leg ripped off and thrown into a mouth. Slowly a tentacle wrapped around the boy's head. "N-no…….NOOOOO!!!" tears surged down Gutts' face. The look upon the boy was horrible. He tried to move but he was fastened down. "Dammit….no….no…n-no…ELLIOT!!" He wasn't even able to reflect his feeling upon the boy…at least with Caska he had been so lucky…

With a single snap, blood ran from the boy's head and he was devoured. Gutts could no longer hear his trembling breaths…

He shook, watching his blood run down the mouths of those ingesting him…he glared…he hadn't felt his much hate in a while…however, his hate couldn't save him now…it was hopeless…dire…fate had won him over at last…a last…he closed his eyes and accepted it. ~Judeau…Pippin…Corkus…Gaston…I'm coming…~


He was suddenly freed.

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